Arabs: Israel is Judaizing Jerusalem

Arabs: Israel is Judaizing Jerusalem

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Arabs claim Israel is forcing Arab residents out of Jerusalem – ignoring the fact that Jerusalem is about to losing its Jewish majority.

By Dalit Halevi/Chana Roberts – Arutz Sheva

Marking fifty years of the “Israeli occupation” in Jerusalem, the International Al-Quds Institution publicized a new report detailing the steps Israel has taken in order to “Judaize Jerusalem.”

According to the authors, Israel’s strategy for Judaizing Jerusalem is based on three “secrets”: explusion of the Arab residents of the city, bringing “settlers” to replace them, and changing the face of the area.

The authors claimed that Israel implements this strategy, among other things, by creating a “safety belt” around Jerusalem. This “safety belt” is created by placing important military sites in sensitive areas, building secure access roads between Jewish towns and blocs, stopping the Arab towns’ growth, turning Jerusalem into a city which evicts Arabs, encouraging settlers to come to the city, and isolating Jerusalem from “other Palestinian cities.”

In reality, illegal Arab construction in and around Jerusalem is flourishing while authorities close a blind eye. Even as Israel’s government builds a new train line connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Arabs insist on building illegal outposts in strategic areas, from which they can easily carry out terror attacks.

In fact, according to Gideon Sa’ar, Jerusalem is well on its way to losing its Jewish majorityunless something changes, and soon.

In addition, while less than 2,000 Jewish housing units were approved for construction, an entire new Arab neighborhood is planned for Jerusalem, and the government approved 14,000 new housing units for Arabs living in Judea and Samaria.