Amnesty International Requests to View Anti-Terrorism Law

Amnesty International Requests to View Anti-Terrorism Law

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The delegation of Amnesty International currently in Cairo asked the government to review the Anti-Terrorism Bill before it is passed, as the organization has concerns over it.

Said Hadadi, a member of the delegation, told Al-Masry Al-Youm: "The most important points of contention are centered on the criminalization of homosexual relationships," pointing out that the organization had addressed the Egyptian government in this regard several times, but received no reply.

He said that the meeting with Mufid Shehab, Minister of State for Legal Affairs, focused on issues of torture and detainees, and that he asked Shehab to consider the views of the civil community on the bill before it is passed, which Shehab said happened already.

Hadadi said that the delegation will meet with the National Council for Human Rights, and that it did not so far receive response regarding its request to meet with the Housing Minister, the Cairo Governor, the Interior Minister and the Attorney-General. "But we are here for 10 more days to achieve the objective of the visit and discuss all issues related to the detainees and the residents of the slums," Hadidi said.

Wael Abul Magd, Director of the Department of Human Rights, said the delegation hoped the bill would come out in a balanced manner.

"We also discussed human trafficking and the Child Law," Magd said, adding that he has stressed Egypt’s openness with local and international civil society organizations to show the real human rights situation in Egypt and highlight the achievements that the Egyptian government has made in this regard.