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The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series #1- 22

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The personal stories of Egyptian refugees – Series #1- 22 Ayman came from the village of Abu Kourkas in Al Minya Province, Egypt. His village is among many Coptic neighborhoods under attack by terrorist invaders from inside and outside the town. Since childhood, Ayman has lived in fear for his life and for the lives

More “peace solutions”: Egyptian Copts pay the price

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Bedouin peace process A few days prior to the stand-off on Friday, the streets leading to the village mosque were heavily posted with a threatening provocation ostensibly written by Coptic Church attendees that said, “We re-opened the church against your will.” By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Voice ofthe Copts The Islamic Bedouin peace

Egyptian president visits France: Declares “modernity” while Coptic church is seized

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The Church of the Virgin Mary and the Martyrs of Margaregs and Abi Sefin has been harassed for years by the state and is constantly under threat of closure. During President Al Sisi’s press conference upon his visit to France a few days ago (Saturday, Oct 21), a journalist asked about Egyptian human rights. The

Islamic terrorist murders Coptic priest

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Monsignor Samaan Shehata By Voice of the Copts Staff - Voice of the Copts We are not without sympathy for the Muslim Egyptian who is under pressure, indeed coercion towards a Sharia fundamentalism that’s touted today in Egypt – in particular by the powers-that-be from Al-Azhar Institute, the Muslim Brotherhood factions and the

Egypt: Bloodshed on Palm Sunday

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Egypt’s Coptic Christians suffered another fatal attack on its churches during this morning’s (April 9) Palm Sunday celebrations. Many parishioners were killed and maimed in a dual-church attack during the Palm Sunday services. North of Cairo, a terrorist bomb struck the Church of Saint George in Tanta claiming the lives of more than 40 worshippers

Christian girl, Rania, disappears in alleged kidnapping

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In January 2017, Egyptian journalists, attorneys and activists have reported jihadist crimes against Copts. I highlight the following two, which victimize Christian women, girls and families in the Coptic communities of Egypt who are specifically targeted in these acts of violence.  Christian girl, Rania, disappears in alleged kidnapping The disappearance of a minor girl from