Barcelona’s Chief Rabbi said it all

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Barcelona The rabbi was correct in saying that Europe is lost, but not only for Jews. By Giulio Meotti  – Arutz Sheva Barcelona's chief rabbi has urged Jews to move to Israel because "Europe is lost" to radical Islam. Rabbi Meir Bar-Hen has been encouraging his congregation to flee Spain, which he called a "hub of Islamist

All Europe can bring itself to do is “pray for Barcelona”

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Pray-for-Barcelona Europe is finished, kaput - it has given up. By Giulio Meott – Arutz Sheva 13 people killed in Barcelona. There is no strategic reason to attack Spain, a poor country, nonexistent on the military and international fronts. Radical Islam simply loves killing “infidels”, especially on the Ramblas. And the intimidation works.

The Hajj and the struggle for Islamic leadership

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eid al-Adha Wednesday, August 23, 2017, is the first day of Zhu–l-Hijjat, the Muslim month in which two important events take place: The pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the most central of the five Islamic commandments, and the Holiday of the Offering, Id al-Adha, with which it comes to an end. By Dr.

Trump, Israel, Jordan and Egypt can redress the Obama-PLO debacle

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Obama Conflicting narratives paralysing previous negotiations must be replaced by Trump with a different fact-based framework underpinning any new negotiations. By David Singer – Arutz Sheva President Trump continues to ponder the way forward to end the 100 years conflict between Arabs and Jews - as negotiations between Israel and the Palestine Liberation

Egypt uses “fatwa” kiosks to combat terrorism or spread fundamentalism?

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Al-Azhar-Opens-Fatwa-Kiosks-in-Cairo-Metro The Islamic kiosk program is the opposite of reform. By Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Voice of the copts For the past two weeks in Cairo, a resistance movement has been gaining momentum against a recent transgression by Al-Azhar Institute to insert newly constructed taxpayer-funded “fatwa” (edict) kiosks into every subway stop in

What kind of society has the Palestinian Authority created?

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  pal-children Would any Israeli mother raise her children to become kidnappers and murderers and proudly say so to journalists? By Mark Silverberg – Arutz Sheva On July 14th, Palestinian terrorists smuggled guns into their own holy site, then used those guns to murder two Israeli Druze police officers guarding one of the entrances

A Yazidi survivor lauds freedom of religion in Israel

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Human rights activist Nadia Murad Religious minorities see Israel as paradise on earth. What say you, Temple Mount Waqf? By Giulio Meotti – Arutz Sheva Do you know of this most extraordinary girl, Nadia Murad? The Islamic State’s henchmen kidnapped her when they decimated the Yazidi, they raped her and sold her. She escaped. Today she

Who is the real owner here?

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the real owner Raed Salah knows that allowing Israel to require Muslims to be checked before ascending the Mount means Jews are the proprietors. By Dr. Mordechai Kedar – Arutz Sheva During one of the previous cycles of Muslim violence in Jerusalem, Sheikh Ichrima Zabri, then Mufti of Jerusalem and Falestin, declared: "We