Is Egypt’s Alexandria in serious environmental danger?

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This article was first published in Al Arabiya on May 9, 2018 “Never has our work been more urgent or more needed,” said Patricia Espinosa, executive secretary of UN Climate Change, at the 2018 Resilient Cities in Bonn, adding that climate disasters which took place in 2017 have had a serious impact on a number

Egypt: Al Sisi’s pre-election maneuvers guarantee his March victory

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Egypt: Al Sisi’s pre-election maneuvers guarantee his March victory By: Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Voice of the Copts Imagine just one of the eighty-seven ancient, Orthodox churches in Egypt now in a heap of rubble fully restored and meeting the needs of the poor at its door. Should the state funds for Egypt’s upcoming presidential

Egyptian regime: Closes many churches, Builds one cathedral

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By: Dr.Ashraf Ramelah Founder and President of Voice of theCopts This Christmas Eve, January 6, Coptic Christians celebrated mass during the grand opening of the brand-new state-built Nativity of Christ Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in the state’s new administration district of Cairo. Those in attendance rejoiced the occasion while many rural villagers had no local church to

Al-Sisi’s old guard appointee maintains anti-Copts solutions to jihad

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Al Minya’s governor How could Governor Al-Badawi not see that the mosque inflated its numbers with jihadists in order to pose a threat and strike the church across the road? By Dr. Ashraf Ramelah - Voice of the Copts General Essam Al-Badawi was installed as Al Minya’s governor (in Upper Egypt) in September

Exposing Islam’s “necromancy” doctrine risks Al-Azhar scholar’s professorship

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necromancy In the middle of last month, while Al-Azhar denounced a liberal law in Tunisia, the Institute created a national scandal within Egypt Al-Azhar Institute is scrambling to protect and defend the Islamic faith, its traditions and foundational beliefs – clamping down on Islamic scholars who reveal truths that will damage Islam’s position

Tension over Kurdistan

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Tension over Kurdistan The referendum is highly important for both sides, those for and those against. By Mordechai Kedar – Arutz Sheva This past Monday close to 7 million Kurdish citizens of Iraq, cast their votes in a referendum consisting of one question only: Do you support a declaration of independence on the