Terror Campaign on Mother of Abducted Toddler Parthenia and Human Rights Activists

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"I am saying it out loud to everyone, the mother and I are threatened to be killed or being falsely charged of committing a crime by the Security Authorities and the Muslim Brotherhood. Should something happen to us, you know who did it" said Mr. Atef Helmy, journalist and activist in the Egyptian Human Rights Organization. Mr. Helmy added that even people who offered to help us, have received threats of being abducted from their homes and vanish forever, an attitude of using terror which he finds similar to that of the Mafia.


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Martha Samuel, an Egyptian Muslim who converted to Christianity, formerly known as Zainab Said , was deported, together with her two children (Kirillos and Emmanuel,ages 4 and 2) on Monday, 12-22-2008 from Cairo's Khalifa Police Station to El-Kanater prison. She will spend there the rest of her 15 days incarceration period which started on 17-12-2008 pending the court case, in which she is charged of forging her passport to flee Egypt.


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Is it possible for a society that is built upon pluralism of races, ethnicity, and cultures to have a unifying identity independent of its distinct racial, ethnic and cultural components? Is it unrealistic to believe in a unilateral cultural identity? Put another way, is E Pluribus Unum a viable national credo in today s world?