Egyptian police 'crucify' and rape Christians

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During our research for information regarding the tragedy of El- Kosheh, we found an interesting article written by Christina Lamb. The article was published on Sunday October 25th 1998 on Telegraph.co.uk. Voice of the Copts is posting this article in memory of all those who were killed in Egypt and elsewhere for their faith.

Coptic Martyrs Blood Still Crying Out For Justice Nine Years Later (6) – Inside the Massacre

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Although, the killing of twenty one Copts could not be considered mass murder by any measure, as this number of people could be easily die in any road traffic accident anywhere. However, “El-Kosheh’s” massacre, or slaughter, as some wish to call it, had different reasons to an overturned bus or a train accident. Such aspects and motivations were reflected upon in the last five reports published in the last weeks.

Imposing JIZYA on Christians to address poverty!!!

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Dr. Amani Tawfiq, Professor at Mansoura (Egypt) University: "If Egypt wants to slowly but surely get out of its economic situation and address poverty in the country, the Jizya (head or poll tax that early Islamic rulers demanded from their non-Muslim subjects) has to be imposed on the Copts," declared in a press statement by a university professor, who is supposed to be in the highest of levels of the educated society, and who is also expected to be a civilized person due to her educational position.