Italy: Women pay the price for open borders, but everyone suffers.

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Although these days we rarely hear the major news outlets reporting on the status of Middle Eastern illegals crossing the Mediterranean Sea into Italy and other western countries, there are yet continual arrivals of illegitimate and overcrowded boats, which negatively impact the host nations. While the major media concentrate daily on the critical news regarding

Al Sisi slammed by Egyptian courts; Sharia wins and Grandmother denied justice.

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By Dr. Ashraf Ramelah From the West, I continue to highlight horrendous crimes against Christians in Egypt. Even with President Al Sisi’s occasional act of contrition in public for Muslim aggression, Egypt’s regime still relies on Sharia Law. Islamic religious legalism is ingrained in the constitution by its second amendment, which allows religious dictates to

Freedom through the Arts – reclaiming lost ground in Iran

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Iranian people are now seeing they’ve always had friends in places unreachable under the regime, Israeli and Jewish artists. Op-ed. “The opposite of war is not peace, it’s creation” - Jonathan Larson Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979 marked a profound cultural shift in the nation, whose relationship to the Arts stretches over millennia, ensnaring it

Muslim Brotherhood would use a Biden presidency to advance “Congressional Jihad”

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The 2020 American presidential election will be historically remembered as a unique election. A contested, undecided race is not new, but the media’s hype, backing and declaration for one candidate is unprecedented.  Ultimately, the delay caused by the election investigation will be to expose the use of comprehensive fraud within the voting procedures of American

Al Sisi’s presidential ambitions conflict with Egypt’s constitution

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By virtue of its own authority every dictatorial power -- whether of military, religious or national -- creates for the country a vital, intellectual space or atmosphere where propaganda can flourish. This is the means to enact authoritarian projects for the purpose of tightening a grip on society and to justify repressive actions. One such