Obama: We can't talk forever

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Calling for action: US president says he hopes to 'start seeing gestures of good faith' as part of peace process; American administration will do everything it can to encourage Israeli-Palestinian confidence-building measures, he says

Rivlin warns world of 'Hitler's return'

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Knesset speaker sends letter to counterparts around the world warning: 'Yesterday the world witnessed the return of Adolf Hitler. This time he has a beard and speaks Persian. But the words are the same words and the aspirations are the same aspirations'. Rivlin called on colleagues to 'initiate action to show world 2009 will not be repetition of 1939'

Bar Afghan warlords from office: watchdog

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Leaders accused by rights group of abuse already in govt. Afghans accused of human rights violations over three decades of war should be barred from running in the August 20 presidential election, a commissioner of the state-appointed rights watchdog said Sunday.