Hezbollah condemns Barcelona attack

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Hassan Nasrallah Hezbollah condemns van attack in Barcelona, says ISIS ideology is "based on hate". By Elad Benari, Canada – Arutz Sheva The Hezbollah terrorist group, which is backed by Iran, on Friday condemned the van attack in Barcelona that killed at least 13 people. Thursday’s attack was claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS) group.

Two people killed in stabbings in Finland

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Two people killed and six wounded in stabbings in the city of Turku in western Finland. By Elad Benari, Canada – Arutz Sheva Two people were killed and six others wounded in stabbings in the city of Turku in western Finland on Friday, The Associated Pressreported. Police said a suspect is in custody and being treated

ISIS claims responsibility for Barcelona attack

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Islamic terror group says terrorists responsible for Barcelona attack were affiliated with organization. By David Rosenberg – Arutz Sheva The ISIS terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the ramming attack in Barcelona Thursday which left at least 13 people dead and roughly 80 injured. The terror group claimed responsibility via the ISIS-aligned Amaq media outlet. It is

One terrorist dead, two arrested in Barcelona

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Suspected Barcelona terrorist Maghrebi Driss Oukabir -Barcelona Police Police reportedly kill terrorist during shootout following attack in Barcelona. Two other terrorists arrested. Getaway vehicle found. By David Rosenberg – Arutz Sheva One terrorist has reportedly been shot and killed, and two other terrorists taken into custody following a terror attack in Barcelona which left at

ISIS’ horrific pictures

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ISIS terrorists punish wrongdoings with physical torture, including stoning, burning, chopping off limbs, and tossing people off roofs. By Chana Roberts – Arutz Sheva ISIS' Amaq news station released horrific images of the terror organization's treatment of LGBTQAI people, thieves, and non-believers. Thieves have their hands cut off, while non-believers are shot in the back. Meanwhile, non-straight

Hamas denies digging tunnels under civilians’ homes

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Palestinians_smuggle_everything_through_the_tunnels Hamas says IDF allegations it is burrowing terror tunnels underneath homes in Gaza are "lies and rumors". By Elad Benari – Arutz Sheva Hamas on Monday denied Israeli allegations that it is burrowing terror tunnels underneath the homes of civilians in Gaza, saying they are "lies and rumors". The IDF and the

Possible Islamist attack at Eiffel Tower

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Famous Paris site evacuated after Muslim man with psychiatric history brandishes knife during celebration. By Gary Willig – Arutz Sheva Celebrations at the Eiffel Tower over the signing of a Brazilian soccer superstar were cut short after an armed man yelling "Allahu Akbar!" was subdued by police, The Sun reported. The tower was lit in blue and

EU gives Poland, Hungary, Czechs month to reverse migrant policy

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Commends Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, and 'in particular' Sweden, for relatively high numbers of relocations. By Mordechai Sones – Arutz Sheva The European Commission has given the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland one month to reverse policy on participating in the EU’s migrant relocation scheme. Since several Eastern and Central European nations did not