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Open Letter To President-elect Donald Trump

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Open Letter  To President-elect Donald Trump   Dear President-elect Donald Trump   My name is Ashraf Ramelah, and I am an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian.  I am the founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a non-profit human rights organization. Egyptian Copts, who are the largest Christian minority in the Middle East, are praying for

What Republicans can learn from Trump’s victory

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What can Republicans learn from Trump’s victory? The biggest lesson is that the old way of politics is dead. McCain and Romney showed that twice. Now Trump has shown how Republicans can actually win.    1. Find Your Natural Base    The GOP is ashamed of its base. It doesn’t like being associated with the

50,000 ISIS jihadists killed since 2014

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At least 50,000 Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists have been killed by the American-led coalition since it began    operations in Iraq and Syria in late 2014, a senior U.S. military official said Thursday, according to AFP.   The operation, using planes and drones from a dozen or so members of the anti-ISIS coalition, has since 

German terror suspect used 6 aliases, 3 different nationalities

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German police believe suspect in truck terror attack is of Tunisian origin but has used different identities and nationalities in the past.   German police believe that the suspect in Tuesday's truck terror attack is of Tunisian origin and is armed and dangerous. Police published a wanted notice which indicated that the man had at

Trump’s election consequences: Fears, hopes, and expectations

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The Republicans will inherit a government where they control the executive office, the Senate, the House,    the governorships, as well as the state legislatures. How’s that for the Obama legacy of hope and    change?   Although often paraphrased by countless others, in various versions, it was Alexander Pope who first    suggested that

Jihadists strike again, 25 Copts die in Cairo church bombing: Voice of the Copts urges reforms

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Members of the Voice of the Copts community offer sincere condolences to the Coptic families mourning today for the loss of loved ones as a result of Sunday’s (Dec 11) bombing of the Botrossia Church in Cairo that killed at least 25 people attending mass. We grieve with our brothers and sisters and pray that