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Egypt’s ISIS affiliate kills police driver in the Sinai

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Egyptian security officials on Thursday said a police driver kidnapped this week has been publicly shot dead in Sinai by suspected jihadists from the local Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate.   The officials, quoted by The Associated Press, said three terrorists and the policeman arrived Thursday at el-Arish's residential al-Masaeed district in a green pickup truck.

My beautiful and brave Italy, devastated by an earthquake

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Giulio Meotti is a well known Italian journalist and author who writes an opinion column twice weekly for Arutz Sheva. He lives in Tuscany with his wife and two young sons.   Another earthquake has destroyed many Italian towns, tiny little villages on the hills and mountains that tourists come to see, not far from

Egyptian judoka Salafi-style: No withdraw, no win, no handshake

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The ancient Greek Olympiad, the origin of today’s Olympic Games, was held in honor of Zeus. The games were used as a political tool between rival city-states. It was all about victory and the assertion of dominance. The inception of the Olympiad dates back to nearly nine hundred years before the moon god, Allah, whispered

Decadent Europe parallels the decline of Rome

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Is anyone listening?   Montaigne, Goethe and Edward Gibbon were the first to question the reasons that led the greatest empire in history, Rome, to its rapid decline and agony. An English historian, Michael Grant, spotted the similarities between Rome and the West: the rich, enormously rich, who were detached from the social fabric; the

As the Arab world crumbles, new alliances emerge

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Several looming challenges pose a clear and present danger to the Arab world's ability to continue as a viable culture and functioning political system. At the head of the list are Iran, Islamic State, and the deterioration of the status of the state itself in countries where terror, motivated mainly by Islam and its dictates,

Open letter to the Egyptian president: If you can’t fulfil your promises step down!

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Open letter to the Egyptian president:   If you can’t fulfil your promises step down!     President Al-Sisi For the first time since your installation as president, Copts in the United States protested the persecution of Copts in Egypt. The protest in Washington, DC on August 2 against your regime was symbolic; no one