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Iran says it spied on US aircraft carrier with drone

By | 2016-02-03T12:00:18+00:00 February 3rd, 2016|News|

Iranian state TV on Friday gloatingly claimed that an Iranian surveillance drone flew over an American aircraft carrier and photographed it during recent naval drills.   The TV report did not specify when the fly-by happened, did not name the US vessel, and did not even show any of the alleged images, reports Associated Press.

Resisting blasphemy laws in Egypt: Islam against Islam

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Egypt’s deep state is a bureaucratic theocracy. This network forms the infrastructure of the official government. It is accountable to the doctrines put forth by the powerful Islamic clerics of Al-Ahzar Institute. The religion of Islam, when merged with the state, can better exert Allah’s powerful hold over the individual. Only then can it fulfill

Former Libyan official: ISIS got Qaddafi’s chemical weapons

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Libyan former intelligence official Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam recently said that the Islamic State (ISIS) and other terrorist groups had gotten hold of the chemical weapons that had remained in Libya from the regime of former dictator Muammar Qaddafi.   The comments by Al-Dam, who is a cousin of Qaddafi, were made in an interview with

Senior PFLP member calls to escalate the ‘intifada’

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Zaher al-Shishtari, one of the leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist group, on Wednesday called for the escalation of the current wave of terrorism against Israelis, which Palestinian Arab terrorist groups are referring to as the “Al-Quds Intifada”.   In a statement to Hamas’s website, al-Shishtari said that the

Haniyeh confirms: We are building tunnels

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Hamas is no longer denying that it is rebuilding its terrorist tunnel infrastructure.   On Friday, Hamas deputy leader Ismail Haniyeh publicly confirmed the group is developing its military capabilities and rebuilding the underground tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel in preparation for a future conflict, reported Haaretz.   Haniyeh made the comments as part

Egyptian cartoonist who was critical of the government arrested

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An Egyptian cartoonist whose work is occasionally critical of government figures was arrested in Cairo on Sunday, The Associated Press (AP) reported.   The man, Islam Gaweesh, will be charged with running a webpage without a license, the country's Interior Ministry said.   In custody, Gaweesh was told that the only charge actually against him