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Satellite proves ISIS destroyed 1,500-year-old monastery

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Satellite photos on Wednesday confirmed the reports of activists from last August, revealing that Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists have demolished the nearly 1,500-year-old St. Elijah's Monastery near Mosul to rubble.   Associated Press asked satellite imagery firm DigitalGlobe this month to photograph St. Elijah's, the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq, and then compare the images

The Pope and Islam on Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Europe has always ignored the Jews’ fleeing: it happened during the Holocaust, it happened after the war when the State of Israel was established and the survivors tried to reach it and it happened when the Arab-Islamic states pushed them away.   It is happening again: 10,000 French Jews just left their country to find

Israeli air force strikes Hezbollah in Qalamoun, Syria

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Syrian opposition sources claim the Israeli air force conducted airstrikes against Hezbollah positions in the mountainous Qalamoun region, along the border with Lebanon.   The alleged strikes were first reported by Syrian opposition outlet 7alpress, which claimed on Twitter that "two consecutive Israeli raids" targeted Hezbollah positions outside the town of Flita late Sunday night.

Gas finds may lead to Israeli alliance with Egypt, Greece

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The discovery of huge reserves of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean will likely give birth to new alliances in the region, possibly even leading regional powers to "bury old differences and develop unprecedented security, economic and strategic cooperation," according to Amr Emam, writing in The Arab Weekly.   The new regional natural gas players

Islamic Jihad: The ‘occupier’ only understands force

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Khaled al-Batash, a senior member of the Islamic Jihad terrorist group, on Saturday called for a continuation of the violence against Israel, saying history has proven that the Israeli “occupier” only understands force.   Speaking to Hamas’s Palestine newspaper, Batash called for an emergency meeting of the Palestinian leadership, which will also include Hamas leader

Iraqi air force kills ISIS leader’s second deputy

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The second deputy of Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed during an Iraqi air force strike in the city of Barwana, just east of Haditha, the Iraqi military said Saturday, according to CNN.   The man in question, Assi Ali Mohammed Nasser al-Obeidi, was a top ISIS military commander in western Iraq

Russia bombs Al Qaeda prison, kills 21 civilians

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Russian air strikes Saturday on an Al Qaeda run prison in Syria killed nearly 60 people, a monitor said, as aid needed in three besieged towns where people are reportedly starving was delayed.   The bloodshed came as UN envoy Staffan de Mistura met in Damascus with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem to prepare for

Foreign tourists wounded in attack on Egyptian hotel

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Gunmen on Friday opened fire at the entrance of the Bella Vista hotel in the Egyptian Red Sea resort city of Hurghada, Reuters reported.   Two foreign tourists were wounded, according to security sources who also added that the assailants had arrived by sea to launch the attack. Some unconfirmed reports said the gunmen waved