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ISIS beheads Russian ‘spy’, threatens Putin

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Islamic State (ISIS) released a new scare video Wednesday, this time targeting the Russians.    The video, entitled "You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians," shows the beheading of an alleged Chechen spy - a 23 year-old who admits on camera to passing along information to Moscow from Syria and Iraq about the 605

PA calls terror attacks ‘acts of bravery’

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The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to use sports as a means of glorifying terror, Palestinian Media Watch reports Wednesday - this time, naming a tennis tournament after two terrorists and calling attacks "acts of patriotism."    The Al-Rashideen High School for Boys held a tennis tournament named after terrorists Basel and Farouq Sidr last month,

ISIS’s Sinai commander in Gaza for Hamas talks

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Shadi al-Menei, the commander of the Islamic State (ISIS) branch Sinai Province, is currently in Gaza on a secret visit to speak with Hamas leaders.   The surprising revelation reported late Thursday by Channel 2 exposes the deep level of coordination between the terrorist organizations, which has been kept tightly under wraps.   Al-Menei held

At least 14 dead, 20 injured in California mass shooting

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At least 14 people were murdered and as many as 20 could be injured in a mass shooting at a social services center in San Bernardino, California, on Wednesday.    Police have confirmed there were fatalities in the shooting, but have yet to confirm the exact number. County officials said "at least 10 people total"

Islamic Movement leader blames West for ‘religious wars’

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Deputy Leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel Sheikh Kamal Khatib blamed the West for the world's religious wars, in a fiery Friday sermon at the Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in Kafr Kana last week, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports.    "Their hearts are full of hatred and animosity, yet they talk

Jerusalem: Incredible archaeological find brings Bible to life

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Archaeologists digging just south of Jerusalem's Temple Mount have made a historic discovery, unearthing the first-ever seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king ever exposed in situ in a scientific archaeological excavation.   The discovery, made during Ophel excavations at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount, is an impression of