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Intercepted ISIS calls discuss downing Russian plane

By | 2015-11-13T16:45:37-04:00 November 13th, 2015|News|

US intelligence officials intercepted calls between ISIS members in the Sinai Peninsula and their superiors in Syria, in which the terrorists bragged about downing a Russian plane, NBC reports.   The officials added that an additional message preceded the crash and stated that there would be "something big in the area," though it did not

Mashaal calls for diplomatic war alongside intifada

By | 2015-11-13T16:16:22-04:00 November 13th, 2015|News|

Hamas politburo leader Khaled Mashaal has called to establish a "Palestinian leadership united on the ground," so as to manage the current terror wave and use it to achieve an end of "the occupation and the Israeli settlement."   In a press conference with journalists from Gaza, Mashaal said the true goals of the current

Pentagon welcomes advance of ISIS-fighting alliance

By | 2015-11-13T13:50:29-04:00 November 13th, 2015|News|

A coalition including Syrian Arab groups regained a swath of territory in northeastern Syria from Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists, a US military spokesman said Wednesday, calling it an encouraging success.   The fighters, who are from the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its Syrian Arab Coalition subgroup, regained 87 square miles (255 square kilometers) near

Jordanian cleric clarifies: Jihad against Jews is a duty

By | 2015-11-13T12:46:27-04:00 November 13th, 2015|Islam|

A Jordanian sheikh who issued a fatwa (Islamic ruling) against killing Jews has apparently had a change of heart.   In a video released earlier this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Sheikh Ali Halabi, head of the Imam al-Albani religious studies center, ruled that killing Jews outside the context of war

Palestinian Editor-in-chief: Jews only safe under Arab rule

By | 2015-11-13T12:15:49-04:00 November 13th, 2015|News|

The Editor-in-Chief of a major Palestinian news network, Maan News Agency, has delivered an astonishing monologue in which he denies Jewish rights to an independent state and declares that Jews will only ever be secure under Arab rule.   Dr. Nasser al-Laham delivered his three-minute-long statement last Wednesday on Maan Network Online, which has since

In Gaza: Knife-wielding mannequins – and a shop called ‘Hitler’

By | 2015-11-13T02:46:56-04:00 November 13th, 2015|News|

A picture from Gaza is creating a stir online, providing a chilling insight into the degree to which popular Palestinian Arab society and culture, particularly in the Islamist-ruled enclave, has become saturated with violent incitement.   The photo, purportedly taken in Gaza City, was first published by the pro-Hamas Shehab News Agency Facebook page. It

Yet another senior Iranian officer killed in Syria

By | 2015-11-13T02:12:27-04:00 November 13th, 2015|News|

A senior officer in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards unit has been killed in Syria, the fourth Iranian commander to die there in the last month, state media said Tuesday.   Colonel Ezzatollah Soleimani died during an "advisory mission" near the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, according to Fars news agency.   Iranian media have since

There is no “radical Islam” and there is also no “moderate Islam”

By | 2015-11-12T19:41:21-04:00 November 12th, 2015|Op-Eds|

Beginning more or less with 9/11, the expression "radical Islam" became the accepted way for the media, politicians and public to define the religious and ideological foundations of Islam-based violence when referring to what the world calls "terror."  This expression was meant to be contrasted with "moderate Islam" which presents Muslims as ordinary people who