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Clashes erupt between Syria Islamists, Kurds

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At least 23 fighters have been killed in clashes between Syrian Islamist forces including Al-Qaeda's local affiliate and an alliance led by Kurdish forces, a monitor said on Monday.     The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said 15 fighters from Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front and allied groups had been killed Sunday in fighting that

EU vows to continue pushing Middle East agenda

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The European Union vowed Monday to work for Middle East peace even though Israel suspended it from the diplomatic process over the bloc's decision to label goods imported from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights.   "When it comes to the Middle East peace process, the EU continues and will continue to work on

Arabs attack police in Jerusalem, one killed by Border Guards

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A group of Arabs threw about ten Molotov cocktails at Border Police in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras al-Amud. Arab sources report that security forces returned fire and killed one rioter before the rest dispersed.   Walla! news identifies the dead terrorist as Ayman al-Abasi, a 17-year-old from Silwan. He previously spent a year

Netanyahu orders: ‘Break contact’ with European Union

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has instructed the Foreign Ministry to reassess its involvement with European Union (EU) institutions regarding the political process with the Palestinians.   Until the assessment is completed, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the suspension of all political contact with EU institutions and representatives on the issue.   This directive was made in

Syria: Al Qaeda rebels kill key ISIS commander

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The leader of a jihadist Syrian rebel faction that had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group (ISIS) was killed Sunday in a suicide attack by rival jihadists, a monitoring group said.     "Abu Ali al-Baridi, head of Al-Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade and nicknamed 'The Uncle', was killed in a suicide attack by Al-Nusra Front,"

Yazidis torch Muslim homes in revenge for ISIS genocide

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Members of Iraq's Yazidi minority, which was brutally attacked by the Islamic State (ISIS) group, looted and burned Muslim homes in Sinjar after its recapture from the jihadists, witnesses said Sunday.   ISIS overran the northern town last year, targeting Yazidis - whose faith it considers heretical - in a campaign of massacres, enslavement and

French imam on day of Paris attacks: Muslims should rule France

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As French authorities struggle to get to grips with the vast network of Muslim extremists in its country - some 10,000-strong according to official estimates - a sermon recorded at a mosque in southern France on the day of last week's attacks in Paris illustrates how extremist preachers are spreading radical Islamist doctrines, and talking

Obama: US had no precise intelligence warning of Paris attacks

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US President Barack Obama said Monday the United States had no precise intelligence warning of the Paris bombing and shooting attacks that have been claimed by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists.   The United States has agreed to speed up its sharing of military intelligence with France to try to avert such assaults, the US leader

Palestinian media, PA blame Israel for Paris terror attacks

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The Palestinian Authority (PA)'s ruling Fatah movement exploited the Paris terror attack to spout its own agenda, Palestinian Media Watch reported Sunday, equating Israel with Islamic State (ISIS).    Fatah implied that Israel is the equivalent of Islamic State by showing the Palestinian flag next to the flags of Russia, Lebanon and France in a

Outrage after Swedish foreign minister links ISIS attack, Israel

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The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded sharply to the words of Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom on Monday, after she stated in a Swedish-language television interview that Islamic State (ISIS)'s attacks on Paris were partially fueled by Palestinian frustration.    "To counteract the radicalization we must go back to the situation such as the one in