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Hamas: ‘1948 and 1967 are Temporary Borders’

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Hamas continues to make clear that its ultimate goal is to drive all Jews out of what it perceives to be “Palestinian land”.   Senior Hamas member Mahmoud al-Zahar on Wednesday said he sees the latest terror wave as a springboard for “the liberation of all of Palestine”.   "The struggle against the occupation is

Hamas ‘Reenacts’ Jerusalem Bus Attack

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The Hamas student group in Gaza has released a shocking video "reenacting" the lethal attack on the 78 line bus in Jerusalem this Tuesday, in which Arab terrorists murdered two Jews and wounded 15 others.   The video, revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), can be viewed below. Viewer discretion is advised.   {youtube}NkqgR0_4E74{/youtube}  

Abbas’s Fatah Demanded Jerusalem Terror Day Before Massacre

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The Fatah faction of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas continues to step up its incitement to terrorism, and just this Monday made an open call for attacks in Jerusalem - a day before three Jews were murdered in two attacks in the city.   Fatah posted on its official Twitter account on Monday a

Embarrassed PLO Rewrites Abbas Speech – And Still Gets it Wrong

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After Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas was embarrassingly called out on his false claim that Israel had "executed" an Arab child for no reason in Jerusalem, the Palestine Liberation Organization he chairs has tried to engage in some emergency damage control - by retroactively rewriting the speech he gave Wednesday night.   Abbas had accused

Iran Unveils Secret Underground Missile Base

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Iran's Revolutionary Guard opened the doors of a secret underground missile base to state TV, showing off medium- and long-range missiles, The Associated Press (AP) reported Wednesday.   The station aired footage of long tunnels with ready-to-fire missiles on the back of trucks, according to AP.   The broadcast said the facility is one of

Hollande Tells Putin: Attack ISIS and Only ISIS

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French President Francois Hollande said on Friday he had told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin he must strike at “Daesh (the Islamic State or ISIS) and only Daesh” during Russian military action in Syria, the Al-Arabiya network reports.   Hollande was speaking after meeting Putin on Friday and ahead of talks on the future of

Senior Fatah Official Confirms: We Murdered the Israeli Couple

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The "armed wing" of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction initially claimed responsibility for Thursday night's brutal murder of a young couple right in front of their four children, but now a senior Fatah official has confirmed that claim.   Senior Fatah official Mahmoud Al-Aloul, who is a member of the Fatah Central

Iran Backs Russian Airstrikes in Syria

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Iran on Thursday threw its support behind Russia's airstrikes in defense of their common ally, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, describing it as a step to solving "the crisis" in the region.   Iran's foreign ministry said it supported the move that was "based on an official request from the Syrian government to the Russian Federation",

Hamas, Fatah Welcome Samaria Terrorist Attack

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Both the Fatah and the Hamas organizations on Thursday night praised the terrorists who carried out the attack in Samaria, in which Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin were murdered in front of their four children.   According to Kol Yisrael radio, a Hamas spokesman said the group "welcomes the heroic attack and calls for more