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Civilians Executed on Both Sides as ISIS Strikes Kurdish City

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The Islamic State (ISIS) jihadist group launched an assault on the largely Kurdish city of Hasakeh in northeast Syria on Saturday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.   The attack came a day after Kurdish militia executed 20 civilians accused of supporting the extremists and ISIS on Friday executed 30 civilians, the monitoring group

Syrian Christian Beheads ISIS Jihadist in Act of Revenge

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A Syrian Christian fighter has beheaded an Islamic State group (ISIS) jihadist to avenge people executed by the group in northeastern Syria, a monitor said on Friday, according to AFP.   The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the incident took place on Thursday in Hasakeh province, where ISIS holds large areas of the countryside.

Netanyahu Blasts PA ‘Provocation’ After FIFA Move

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Friday blasted the Palestinian Authority (PA) for its provocation, after Palestinian Football Association chairman Jibril Rajoub withdrew his bid to have Israel banned from FIFA.   "Our international effort has proven itself and led to the failure of the Palestinian Authority attempt to oust us from FIFA. I thank all

Syrian Army in Retreat as Rebels Tighten Grip on Idlib Province

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Syrian troops retreated as regime warplanes bombarded Al Qaeda-led rebel fighters on Friday, a day after the insurgents overran the last government-held city in the key northwestern province of Idlib.     Opposition forces now control the vast majority of Idlib after Al-Nusra Front and its allies in the Army of Conquest captured Ariha and

Video Shows Turkey Smuggling Arms to Syrian Jihadists

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Images and video footage allegedly showing trucks belonging to Turkey's state intelligence service carrying weapons en route to jihadist rebels in Syria were published Friday in a Turkish daily.   The Turkish government has vehemently denied earlier claims that it is arming rebels fighting in Syria and accused dozens of prosecutors, soldiers and security officers

Saudi Arabia Looks for New Executioners, Beginners Welcome

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Job openings have emerged in Saudi Arabia on Friday for aspiring executioners looking to become the star of regular Sunday morning beheadings.   While beheadings are the trademark of Islamic State (ISIS), an expose by the Daily Mail Friday reveals that it is Riyadh - not Raqqa - which is looking to increase its public

Syria on Brink of Economic Collapse as ISIS Grabs Mines

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With most of its natural and mineral resources having fallen under rebel control, Syrian state revenues have shrunk, leaving the government dependent on unstable sources of income for its survival.   Four years of conflict have decimated the state coffers, reports AFP.   Now the government's only revenues are drawn from dwindling customs and income

Al Qaeda Captures Last Syrian Regime City in Idlib

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A rebel coalition led by Al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate edged into the last remaining government-held city in the northwest province of Idlib on Thursday, a monitoring group said.   The lightning offensive saw the Army of Conquest, or Jaish al-Fatah in Arabic, enter outer districts of Ariha within a matter of hours, the Syrian Observatory