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IAF Struck Hezbollah Missile Convoys in Western Syria

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Syrian and Lebanese media are reporting at least two IAF raids that struck targets in Western Syria, but there is still confusion regarding when they took place and what targets were hit.   According to Channel 2's website, “unofficial media” in Syria and Lebanon said there were two attacks – the second one on Friday,

Erdogan: Armenian Claims of Genocide Are ‘Baseless’

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Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, insisted on Thursday that the massacre of Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Turks a century ago was not a “genocide”.   Speaking at an international peace summit, Erdogan dismissed Armenian claims of genocide in 1915 were baseless, adding that he was willing to open the Turkish military archives to

Erdogan: ISIS is a ‘Virus’ Working to Destroy Muslims

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday referred to the Islamic State (ISIS) group as a “virus” working to destroy the Muslim community, in one of his strongest attacks yet against the jihadist group.   Ankara has been repeatedly criticized in recent months for not doing enough to halt the advance of ISIS to its

Syria: 42 Dead in Clashes Between Rebels

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At least 42 fighters were killed in 24 hours of fierce fighting between Islamist rebels and the Islamic State group in Syria's Damascus province, a monitoring group said Wednesday.   "At least 30 Islamist rebels and 12 fighters from ISIS were killed in fighting since Tuesday" in the hilly region of Qalamun, the Syrian Observatory

Islamic State Leader Al-Baghdadi Critically Wounded in Airstrike

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group and self-proclaimed "caliph" of the caliphate or Islamic state that it has established in large parts of Iraq and Syria, was critically wounded in a US-led coalition airstrike according to sources.   The sources told the British Guardian that the strike took place

Russia Wants to ‘Redesign’ the Middle East

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Under the radar last week, Vladimir Putin met with Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow. The meeting was not considered remarkable as Abbas has started to visit the Kremlin on an annual basis. The timing, though, corresponded with Putin’s definitely remarkable announcement Russia would reinitiate its sale of S-300 missiles to Iran. According to Sarah Fainberg of

Morsi Sentenced to 20 Years

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A Cairo court has sentenced former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and 12 other defendants to 20 years in prison.   Morsi was convicted of inciting the killing of protesters, in an incident that saw 10 people gunned down outside the presidential palace in December 2012.   The court had acquitted the former president of murder

Yemen Rejects Iran’s ‘Peace Plan’

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister, Riyad Yassin, underlined on Sunday Yemen’s rejection of the “four-point peace plan” that Iran has submitted to the UN Secretary General and the President of the Security Council.   FM Yassin reiterated last week’s letter of total rejection of Iran’s “peace-plan,” by what is essentially Yemen’s government-in-exile. He added that “There is

Ex-Hussein Intel Officer Planned ISIS’s Rise to Power

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An ex-intelligence officer under the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was "the strategic head" behind the Islamic State (ISIS, aka IS) group and drew up the blueprints for the jihadists' capture of northern Syria, German weekly Der Spiegel reported Sunday.   Former colonel Samir Abd Muhammad al-Khlifawi, who was better known as Haji Bakr and

Iran: We Won’t Allow ‘Foreigners’ to Inspect Our Sites

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A top Iranian commander on Sunday said that his country will never permit “foreigners” to inspect its military sites.   “Not only will we not grant foreigners the permission to inspect our military sites, we will not even give them permission to think about such a subject,” Brigadier General Hossein Salami, the second-in-command of the