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PLO Council Declares Economic War on Israel

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The Palestinian National Council, the legislative body of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), held a meeting on Thursday in which it formulated a new economic plan to attack Israel and try to save the financially floundering Palestinian Authority (PA).   PLO Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Economy Dr. Mohammed Mustafa revealed details of

Mubarak’s Former Interior Minister Acquitted of Corruption

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An Egyptian court on Thursday acquitted an interior minister of ousted president Hosni Mubarak of corruption charges, AFP reported.   The former minister, Habib al-Adly, was cleared of illegally accumulating around 181 million Egyptian pounds ($25 million) and will be released, his lawyer Mohammed el-Gendy said.   The court also lifted an asset freeze on

Netanyahu was the Author of his Near Defeat and Great Victory

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Shortly after President Obama’s inauguration in 2009, Likud, with Netanyahu at its head, was tasked with forming the government. He was concerned about balancing the pressure he was under from the right wing of the Likud, so he invited  Ehud Barak, a former Chief of Staff of the IDF and former Prime Minister, to break

‘ISIS Destroyed Christian Civilization and the World Watches’

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Waiting in an aid line outside Lebanon's capital Beirut, Assyrian Christian Francie Yaacoub remembers the well-stocked home she left behind in Syria as she fled advancing Islamic State (ISIS) group jihadists.   "We left behind a house full of everything. Why do we now have to stand at the church door?" she asked quietly as

PLO Discusses Cutting Security Coordination with Israel

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The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas will meet on Wednesday, to discuss implementing the PLO Central Committee's decision earlier this month to end security cooperation with Israel.   The Wednesday meeting was scheduled before the results of the Knesset elections - in which Likud soundly defeated

Hamas Tells Abbas Elections Spell End of Peace Talks

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As elections results finalize and signify a resounding victory for Likud, the Hamas terrorist organization that rules Gaza commented on the process.   Hamas called on Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas to abandon peace talks with Israel, after the latter previously indicated he would be willing to resume negotiations after the elections.   "The

Rouhani: The Pressure from Sanctions is Over

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Iran on Tuesday said it began producing more natural gas from a giant field shared with Qatar, as President Hassan Rouhani declared that the pressure from international sanctions was over, reports The Associated Press (AP).   The additional production from the South Pars field, known as North Dome in Qatar, will add 81 million cubic

Erekat Vows to Intensify Efforts Against Israel

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The Palestinian Authority (PA) was not pleased on Tuesday night with exit polls in Israel that showed that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is the favorite to head a government.   Speaking to AFP, the PA’s chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said that the results of the elections meant that the Palestinians will continue their unilateral efforts