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European Parliament Pres.: ‘Shame’ on Europe for Anti-Semitism

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European Parliament President Martin Schulz of Germany took part in the fourth International “Let My People Live!” Forum against anti-Semitism this week, where he had harsh words for the recent rise of the racist hate in Europe.   {youtube}5P_in-SlONk{/youtube}   "Auschwitz is the darkest point in the history of mankind, and for sure the darkest

Women Joining ISIS ‘Cheerleaders, Not Victims’

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Western women who join Islamic State terrorists are driven by the same ideological passion as many male recruits and should be seen as potentially dangerous cheerleaders, not victims, experts told AFP.    A new study out on Wednesday said the estimated 550 women who have travelled to Iraq and Syria are expected to marry, keep

Jordan Agrees to Prisoner Swap with ISIS

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Jordan is willing to free an Iraqi female jihadist from prison in exchange for a Jordanian pilot held hostage by the Islamic State terrorist group (ISIS), state television said Wednesday.     "Jordan is ready to release the prisoner Sajida al-Rishawi if the Jordanian pilot is freed unharmed," it quoted a government spokesman as saying.

Scores of Foreign Fighters Among ISIS Dead in Kobane Defeat

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Large numbers of foreign fighters are among the ISIS jihadists killed in the battle for the Syrian town of Kobane, a senior US official said Tuesday, saying the concerted campaign was halting the Islamists' march.   The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) announced the "liberation" of Kobane on Monday, depriving the Islamic State group of

ISIS Gives 24 Hours to Save Japanese, Jordanian Hostage

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The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group threatened Tuesday to kill a Japanese journalist and a Jordanian pilot within 24 hours if Amman refuses to free a jailed female jihadist.   The video released on jihadist websites shows a picture of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto holding a photograph of captured Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh with a

Casualties as Hezbollah Attacks IDF Positions on Lebanon Border

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Antitank missiles were fired at two IDF vehicles from the Har Dov area (Shebaa Farms) in a Hezbollah ambush Wednesday morning.   Six casualties in light to moderate condition have been taken to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat. Additional casualties were evacuated to Rambam Hospital, but so far, no information has been released about their condition.

NY Times Lethal Anti-Israel Journalism Strikes Again

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Since the world is at peace, Rudoren has nothing to do except find a few IDF soldiers who badmouth the Six Day War.   Like the White House, the New York Times is potentially guilty of incitement to genocide and defamation; certainly, they are guilty of slanting the news about Israel in every way possible.

Anti-Semitic Right-Wing Politician Now Greek PM’s Key Ally

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Panos Kammenos, whose nationalist Independent Greeks party has entered into an unlikely coalition government with the radical left-wing Syriza, once walked the corridors of parliament wearing a T-shirt that read: "Greece is not for sale."   At first glance, the bombastic 49-year-old leader of the ANEL party and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Syriza may

ISIS Urges New Attacks Against Western World

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The Islamic State terrorist group urged Muslims on Monday to carry out new attacks after the targeting of France's Charlie Hebdo magazine, in a recording by its spokesman posted online, AFP reports.    Abu Mohamed al-Adnani, referring to attacks in France, Australia, Canada and Belgium, encouraged "Muslims in Europe and the infidel West to attack

BBC Arabic Won’t Call Charlie Hebdo Attackers ‘Terrorists’

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The head of BBC Arabic has instructed editors not to use the word "terrorist" to describe the Islamist gunmen who murdered 12 people at the Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine.   Tarik Kafala told the UK's Independent newspaper that the term "terrorist" is too "loaded," and said the decision was in-line with