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The Future of Jews in France, the Land of Apartheid

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January 20th marked the first time a prime minister of any Western nation admitted there is “apartheid” in his country. French Prime Minister Manuel Valls stated this fact to journalists less than 2 weeks after the January Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher killings. More specifically, he told them that there is a “territorial, social and ethnic

ISIS Executes Remaining Japanese Hostage

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The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group released a video Saturday purportedly showing the beheading of Japanese hostage Kenji Goto.   In it, Goto is seen kneeling, dressed in an orange outfit, as a masked man standing beside him with a knife blames the Japanese government for his "slaughter."   As in most previous ISIS execution

Muslims Gloat at Paris Kosher Market 2 Days After Attack

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Islamist terrorist Amedy Coulibaly murdered four Jews at the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris earlier this month while taking hostages and later being shot by police - just two days after the heinous attack, Muslim youths were outside the store gloating.   A group of French Muslims posted photos of themselves in front of

Abbas Invited to Sweden After ‘Palestine’ Recognition

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Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will visit Stockholm next month after Sweden became the first major state of the European Union to recognize the PA as "Palestine," the Swedish government announced Friday.   "The visit of president Abbas, by invitation from the prime minister, is confirmed for February 10," foreign ministry spokeswoman Ulla Jacobson


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The sale of seven million copies of the magazine Charlie Hebdo featuring a front page cartoon depicting an image purporting to be that of Muhammad has brought forth its first bloody response from the Islamic world – Niger – where reportedly three people have been killed and six churches attacked and looted.   Riots and

Dozens Killed in Series of Terrorist Attacks in Sinai

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At least 26 people were killed on Thursday in a series of terrorist attacks targeting army and police positions in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, the website of the Al-Ahram newspaper reported.   Reportedly the Islamic State (ISIS) branch in the Sinai has taken credit for the attacks.   The attacks included car bombs and mortar rounds,

Why Does ISIS Want a Failed Female Suicide Bomber Released?

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Failed suicide bomber Sajida al-Rishawi, thrust into the spotlight by the demand by Islamic State (ISIS) that she be released in a prisoner exchange, is an important symbol for the jihadists, experts told AFP.   Closely linked to ISIS's predecessor organization in Iraq, Rishawi is on death row in Jordan for her role in 2005

Turkish Official Uses Holocaust Ceremony to Attack Israel

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The speaker of the Turkish parliament took advantage of a ceremony honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day to attack Israel over its “massacres” in Gaza.   Tuesday’s ceremony in Ankara marked the first time that Turkey marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which was recognized by the UN in a 2005 resolution.   According to the Hurriyet

Only Israel, Not Europe, Can Stand Up to Islam

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France's puerile educational response - and for that matter, Europe's general response - to the Charlie Hebdo and supermarket massacres, is worse than useless.   That the French ruling class had understood little or nothing of the massacres at Charlie Hebdo and at the kosher supermarket in Paris could have already been easily guessed.  The