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There Are Some Muslims Who Oppose Radical Islam

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On September 21, 2014, Muslims Facing Tomorrow held a public rally in Queen’s Park, Toronto, on the steps of the Legislature, “in Support for minority Christians and other religious communities in the Middle East and the Muslim World.”  Approximately 125 people turned out for this Muslim-initiated rally against “ISIS…and for the minority communities of Christians

Al-Nusra Front Threatens Western Countries

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The Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel group Al-Nusra Front on Saturday denounced U.S.-led airstrikes on Syria and threatened to retaliate against Western and Arab countries that took part, Reuters reported.   "We are in a long war. This war will not end in months nor years. This war could last for decades," group spokesman Abu Firas al-Suri

Al Qaeda Urges Jihadists to ‘Rescue Jihad’ from ISIS

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A senior Al Qaeda official has urged jihadists to "rescue the ship of jihad" from Islamic State (IS or ISIS) Saturday, according to an audio message released Friday and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group.    Muhammad al Bahtiyti, also known as Abu Dujana al Basha, does not mention IS by name in the speech,

Abbas to Netanyahu: End the Occupation, Make Peace

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Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas vowed on Monday to present a new timetable for peace talks with Israel when he addresses world leaders at the United Nations later this week, according to AFP.   "I say today to Prime Minister (Binyamin) Netanyahu: end the occupation, make peace," Abbas told an audience in New York.

Gaza Schoolchildren Traumatized by Sounds of Hamas Torture

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Children at a school in southern Gaza are reportedly being terrorized by the sounds of Hamas detainees being tortured at an adjacent police compound.   Arabic-language Al Hayat Al-Jadida says parents of children attending the school in central Khan Younis have complained to authorities on numerous occasions about the phenomenon, which includes the chilling sounds

Mashaal: Disarmament Isn’t Open for Negotiations

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Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Sunday asserted that the group’s weapons are for use only against Israel, Bloomberg reported.   Speaking at a conference in Doha, Qatar, Mashaal ruled out Israeli demands for disarmament in Gaza.   “The subject of the resistance’s weapons isn’t open for negotiations,” Mashaal said, adding, “Those weapons are for fighting

PA Ambassador: Israelis Must Return to Their Countries of Origin

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The Palestinian Authority’s ambassador to Iran, Salah Al-Zawawi, recently said that all Israelis, other than “Palestinian Jews” should return to their homelands.   Al-Zawawi made the comments in an interview which aired on Kawthar TV on September 16, and was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).   In the interview, the ambassador

Egyptian Host: I Can Understand Suicide Bombings in Israel

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An Egyptian television host recently said she “understood” Muslims carrying out suicide bombings in Israel, since Israel is “the enemy”, but rejected Muslims doing the same to Christians and fellow Muslims.   The host, Rola Kharsa, made the comments on a program which aired on Egypt’s Sada Al-Balad TV on August 30. The remarks were