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Israel Mourns: Bodies of Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hevron

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In a tragic end to an intensive search by the IDF, intelligence services and police, it has been released for publication this evening (Monday) that IDF forces have discovered the bodies of the three teenagers abducted 18 days ago as they hitchhiked home near the town of Alon Shvut in the Gush Etzion region.   

Egypt: Second Christian Jailed for ‘Insulting Islam’

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An Egyptian court has sentenced a Coptic Christian man to six years in jail for "insulting Islam" and stirring up sectarian strife in his village, his lawyer told AFP on Wednesday.   Egypt's constitution outlaws insults against the three monotheist religions recognized by the state - Christianity, Islam and Judaism.   Kirollos Shawki, 29, was

Fatah Spokesman: Hamas Behaves Like Criminals and Thugs

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A spokesman for Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement launched a verbal attack on Hamas in a recent television interview.   The spokesman, Ahmad Assaf, said members of the movement behave “like criminals and thugs”. The interview, which aired on Palestinian Authority TV on June 11, was translated by the Middle East Media

PA: Judea and Samaria’s Natural Resources Belong to ‘Palestine’

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The Palestinian Authority (PA) is claiming that the natural resources in Judea and Samaria “belong to Palestine”.   Speaking to the Ramallah-based Radio Mawtiny on Tuesday, the PA’s Economy Minister Mohammed Mustafa said that all natural resources in the “State of Palestine” are the property of the Palestinian people.   Mustafa said that Israel had

Hamas Leader: We Can Bomb Any City in Israel

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Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar on Tuesday issued a direct threat against Israel.   Al-Zahar, who spoke at a memorial ceremony for terrorists who died in a “work accident”, declared that Hamas has rockets that can hit any city in Israel.   He further said that during Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, Hamas held

Lebanon: French Islamist Arrested over ISIS Suicide Bombings

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France said Tuesday one of its nationals had been arrested in Lebanon on suspicion of planning an attack under what a local newspaper claimed was the influence of the ISIS jihadist group sweeping through Iraq.   Lebanese security forces announced Friday they had detained 17 people in a hotel in Beirut following a tip-off that

One Day Later, Sudan Re-arrests Death Row Christian Woman

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A Sudanese woman who on Monday was acquitted of a death sentence against her for being Christian was re-arrested hours later on Tuesday as she tried to leave the country.   The woman, 27-year-old Meriam Ibrahim, was arrested at the Khartoum airport on Tuesday by 50 security personnel, her lawyer Elshareef Ali Mohammed told NBC

Israel’s Perceived Weakness Fuels the Terror Machine

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Gone are the days that Muslim terrorists outside of Israel are worried Israel will come after them if they kill Jews.   On May 25, 2014, Netanyahu rightly named anti-Israel “incitement” as a cause of anti-Jewish murderous terrorism:   “Last night’s murder in Brussels is a result of constant incitement against the State of Israel