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Mursi rejects authority of Egypt court due to try him

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Egypt’s ousted president Mohammad Mursi has rejected the authority of the court that is due to try him next week for incitement to murder, his supporters said Monday.   Mursi, an Islamist hailing from the Muslim Brotherhood who was Egypt’s first freely elected leader, was ousted by the military on July 3 amid massive protests

US Law Requires Obama to Halt Money to Abbas and PA

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The Koby Mandell Law, brought below, if enforced, would also have Abbas persona non grata in the USA.   Thesis: Under the law of United States called the Koby Mandell Act, based on the probative, uncontradicted testimony of Abu Daoud that Mahmoud Abbas paid for the terrorist murder of the Dual-national American-Israeli athlete David Berger

As Egypt’s Brotherhood retreats, risk of extremism rises

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In Egypt’s second city, medical student Ahmed Nabil lives in fear that the police may come and arrest him any day. As a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, he is part of a movement facing an onslaught by the security forces which toppled Islamist President Mohammad Mursi in July.   “These days we can be

Iran to lash four Christians for communion drinking

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An Iranian court this month sentenced four Iranian Christians to 80 whiplashes for drinking wine during communion, despite there being no religious ban on alcohol in Christianity.   The Islamic Republic of Iran does not condone the drinking of alcohol, not even when it is part of a Christian religious activity it seems.   A

Egypt’s Challenge: Writing a New Constitution

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As Egyptians wait for the constituent assembly to produce the country’s new foundational document, the world can only speculate as to how well the new draft  will distinguish Egypt’s future from its past. Article 2 of Sadat’s 1971 constitution is the controversial point today. Since 1980, it states: "Islam is the state religion, and the

Main Syrian rebel groups declare opposition to Geneva peace talks

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  Main Syrian rebel brigades have announced their opposition to an international peace conference on Syria if it does not result in President Bashar al-Assad’s removal, piling pressure on the political opposition not to attend.   “Any solution will be totally rejected if it does not end Assad’s rule with all of its military and

Europe’s Supercessionism: Islam Replaces Christianity

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The new "replacement" is not the old anti-Semitic theory but an anti-Christian fact. As the churches disappear, it is hard not to think of how these same Christians burned Jewish synagogues.   A Catholic church in the UK has been sold to the Muslim community. St Peter’s Catholic church in Cobridge will become the Madina

‘We’re Here to Kill Americans’

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A British security officer who was in charge of training guards in the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, has spoken to CBS news about the attack on the embassy in September 2012.   The unnamed officer, who went by the pseudonym “Morgan Jones,” admitted to being “annoyed” that his guards were not allowed to

Hamas Orders: Shoot Protesters ‘In the Head’

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Hamas has reportedly issued orders to shoot any opposition protesters in the head.   Sources in the Palestinian Authority told the Palestine Press news agency on Saturday that the Interior Minister in Hamas’s government in Gaza, Fathi Hamad, has instructed security forces to be tough on any anti-Hamas demonstrator who will take part in a