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Thwarted Attempts by Hamas to Hit Security Sites in Sinai

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Sinai security sources said that Hamas’ military wing intended on attacking security sites and troops stationed in the Sinai Peninsula, but were blocked by Egyptian security forces.   According to a report by Kuwaiti newspaper, Alrai, the Hamas squad entered into Egypt with 15 terrorists through one of the smuggling tunnels and transferred weapons in

Obama Meets Advisers to ‘Gather Facts’ on Syria Attack

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U.S. President Obama met on Saturday with top national security advisers following widespread reports about the Syrian government using chemical weapons on civilians.   The president will continue to gather facts before deciding on a course of action, the White House said, according to Fox News.   The reports of thousands killed or stricken by

Major arms shipment ‘reaches Syrian opposition fighters’

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    Four hundred tons of arms have been sent into Syria from Turkey to boost insurgent capabilities against Syrian government forces, opposition sources said, after a suspected chemical weapons strike on rebellious suburbs of Damascus.   The source said the Gulf-financed shipment, which crossed from the Turkish province of Hatay in the past 24

Syria Rebels: We’ll Use Chemical Weapons, Too

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      Senior commanders in the rebel forces in Syria published a videotaped announcement Thursday in which they expressed their intent to respond to the chemical gas attack by President Bashar al-Assad's forces last week, by hitting back with all the means at their disposal and no “red lines.”   The rebel commanders announced

U.S. moves naval forces as calls for military action against Syria rise

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  The Pentagon could be moving forces into place ahead of possible military action against Syria, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel suggested on Friday, following mounting international concern over alleged chemical warfare in the crisis-torn country.   En route to Malaysia, Hagel told reporters the U.S. was positioning naval forces and assets in anticipation of

Judge orders woman to remove burkha during court appearance

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  A UK judge told a Muslim woman in court on Friday who refused to reveal her face that she must remove her burkha before submitting a plea.   The judge told the court that the principle of open justice outweighed the women’s religious beliefs, stating that there was a danger that a different person

Obama: Time is Nearing for a Definitive Response on Syria

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  U.S. President Barack Obama, who is under pressure to act on reports that the Syrian government staged a chemical attack on civilians, said on Friday that the time is nearing for a potentially definitive U.S. response to the alleged Syrian government atrocities.   The U.S. remains "one indispensable nation" in the volatile Middle East