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Syrian Strife Stresses Shi’ite/Sunni Split

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A rift has developed among various terrorist groups, who until recently had overlooked religious differences to cooperate in fighting Israel and other western interests, as they find themselves fighting on different sides of the Shi'ite/Sunni fault line which increasingly characterizes fight for or against the rule of Bashar Al-Assad.   The Popular Front for the

Syrian Intervention Could Begin ‘Within a Week’

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British and American naval vessels are currently preparing for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, following an alleged chemical attack by the regime against its own civilians, according to The Telegraph.   According to the paper, military commanders are currently drawing up a list of potential targets to strike, in a

Britain, Turkey: Syria Intervention Possible without UN

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Both Britain and Turkey said on Monday that it would be possible to respond to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime, even without the unanimous backing of the United Nations Security Council.   ‘So, is it possible to act on chemical weapons, is it possible to respond to chemical weapons without complete

Islamic Throwbacks are Erasing Civilization

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  "Dozens of churches were burned and destroyed in the largest attack on Coptic houses of worship since 1321", reports the Wall Street Journal about the latest  persecution of Christians in Egypt.   A symbol of Egypt's national culture, the ancient churches of Minya, did not hold religious services for the first time in 1,600

Syria: If US Attacks Us, We’ll Attack Israel

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As talk and rumors of an impending Western attack against Syria mount, a top Syrian official said Monday that if attacked, his country would react – against Israel.   Speaking to an Arabic-language radio station operated by the United States, Syria's Deputy Information Minister Halaf Al-Maftah said that Israel would face not only Syria in

Syrian Jihadists Threaten Revenge on Alawites

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Al-Nusra Front, the Al-Qaeda-linked Syrian jihadist group, on Sunday vowed revenge strikes against villages from President Bashar Al-Assad's Alawite community over claims his forces used chemical weapons, AFP reports.   "The Alawite villages will pay the price for each chemical rocket that struck our people in Damascus," Al-Nusra front chief Abu Mohammed al-Jawlani said in


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The Million Muslim March planned for Sept. 11 in Washington, D.C., has been getting a great deal of publicity. This cynical and manipulative event is an attempt to obscure the reality of what happened on 9/11, portray Muslims as victims and intimidate government and law enforcement officials into ending surveillance of suspected jihadists. It’s a