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Morsi constitution modification will sabotage pro-democracy efforts

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Adly Mansour, Egypt’s Interim President, has chosen to begin Egypt’s conversion to democracy by reinstating and modifying ousted President Morsi’s controversial 2012 Islamic Shariah constitution. Finalized just five months ago and widely rejected by Egyptians (more than 70 percent) but somehow approved through a referendum vote, this dream-come-true for Islamists was the leading cause of

Muslim Brotherhood supreme guide calls for pro-Mursi rallies

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  The supreme guide of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood called on Friday for peaceful rallies to support the ousted President Mohammad Mursi, an army call for a popular mandate to fighter “violence and terrorism”   “The dignified Egyptian masses...will preserve their rights peacefully,” said Mohammad Badei in a statement. “Turn out, to announce you stand for

Hizbullah Lashes Out at EU

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The European Union's decision to blacklist Hizbullah's armed wing means it would share responsibility for any Israeli attack against Lebanon or the Shiite movement, the group's leader said on Wednesday.   "These (European) states have made themselves fully responsible for any Israeli attack on Lebanon or Lebanon's resistance (Hizbullah) or any target of the resistance,"

Heavy Losses for Hizbullah in Syria

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The Lebanon-based Hizbullah terrorist organization is taking heavy losses in Syria, according to a report released by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC).   The assessment, sent to media this week, indicates the terror group’s involvement in the two-year-long savage civil war across Israel’s northern border has cost Hizbullah more than 180

Top Sunni group urges Egyptians to snub army chief’s call

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  A Sunni group led by influential cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has issued a fatwa urging Egyptians to ignore a call by their army chief to stage rallies in support of a crackdown on “terrorism.”   The Association of Muslim Scholars issued the fatwa, or religious decree, late Wednesday “prohibiting (Egyptians from) responding to any

Egypt’s army chief urges rallies to fight ‘terror’

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  Egyptian military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called for nationwide rallies on Friday to grant him a mandate to fight what he termed violence and terrorism following the ousting of Islamist president Mohammad Mursi.   “I ask ... that next Friday all honest and trustworthy Egyptians must come out,” said Sisi, wearing dark sunglasses as

Egypt imposes toughest Gaza restrictions in years

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  Egypt’s new government has imposed the toughest border restrictions on the Hamas-run Gaza Strip in years, sealing smuggling tunnels, blocking most passenger traffic and causing millions of dollars in economic losses.   Some in Hamas fear the movement is being swept up in the same Egyptian military campaign that earlier this month toppled the

80% of Gaza Tunnels Have Been Destroyed, Says UN

By | 2013-07-24T20:23:06-04:00 July 24th, 2013|News|

About 80 percent of tunnels used to smuggle goods and arms into Gaza from Egypt are "no longer functioning" due to a crackdown by the Egyptian military after it ousted President Mohammed Morsi, a United Nations official said Tuesday, according to Reuters.   The UN’s Middle East peace envoy, Robert Serry, told the Security Council

Egypt’s Islamists slam Sisi’s call as declaration of civil war

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    Egypt’s opposition Islamist coalition denounced on Wednesday a call by Defense Minister General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for mass demonstration to grant him a mandate to confront “terrorism” as “a declaration of civil war.”   “Sisi’s threats are a declaration of civil war,” said the Muslim Brotherhood-led coalition which has been demanding President Mohammad

Syria: A Bad Week for Islamism

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Syrian opposition hails EU Hizbullah ban   Syria's mainly Sunni opposition is celebrating yesterday's decision by the EU to blacklist the "military wing" of the Shia Islamist group Hizbullah as a terrorist organisation, Lebanon's NOW news agency reported.   The Syrian National Coalition declared that the ban was "a step in the right direction and