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Details of Egypt’s military interrogation of Mursi

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Egypt’s criminal investigation against the ousted president, announced Friday, is likely just the start of wider legal moves against Mohammad Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood - ominous prospects for a country seething with violent divisions.   During Mursi’s three weeks in secret detention, military intelligence agents have extensively questioned him on the inner workings of

Kerry Flubs, Calls Palestinian Authority a ‘Country’

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry appeared to have flubbed his lines on Thursday, when he referred to areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority as a country, reported AFP.   Speaking at the United Nations ahead of talks with UN chief Ban Ki-moon, Kerry praised the "courageous decision" by Israeli and PA leaders to try

Morsi Accused of Working With Hamas

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The Egyptian state prosecutor has ordered that ousted Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi be held for questioning for 15 days on suspicion of working with Hamas to attack and kill Egyptian security personnel.   The accusations relate to attacks and prison riots in early 2011, during mass protests against the rule of then-President Hosni Mubarak.  

Obama Won’t Define Egypt Situation as a ‘Coup’

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The Obama administration told lawmakers on Thursday that it does not plan on defining the overthrow of Egypt’s government as a coup, according to the Associated Press.   This will allow the United States to continue providing $1.5 billion in annual military and economic aid to Egypt.   According to U.S. officials, William Burns, the

Tunisia: Protests Erupt After Opposition Leader Killed

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  Protests erupted in the Tunisian capital Tunis on Thursday, after a senior secularist leader was shot dead outside his home.    Mohammed Brahimi, 58, a prominent member of the Arab nationalist Popular Front party, was shot by two men on a moped, according to The New York Times. His assassination was remarkably similar to

Fatah Honors Terrorist for Murdering 61 Israelis

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As western leaders push for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, urging Israeli concessions - including the release of convicted terrorists - the PA leadership is continuing in its longstanding tradition of honoring terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians, report Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik of Palestinian Media Watch.   PMW points to a

Voice of the Copts In support of Al Sisi’s request for a rally against terrorism Friday, June 26th

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  In his speech this week to the Egyptian Navy and Air Force graduating classes of 2013, which aired on TV, Egyptian military Commander in Chief, Abdul Fatah Al Sisi, spelled out the current dangers of enemy militias inside Egypt. He explained that these militias would not hesitate to try to destroy Egypt’s military, seek

Egypt army-linked website: Brotherhood has 48 hours to join roadmap

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  The Muslim Brotherhood has until Saturday afternoon to sign up to political reconciliation, said statement on a military-linked website Thursday, on the eve of pro-army rallies.   “We will not initiate any move, but will definitely react harshly against any calls for violence or black terrorism from Brotherhood leaders or their supporters. We pledge

Cinematic Apartheid and Righteous Artists of our Time

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Why appease our denigrators? We should encourage those who resist anti-Israel pressure.   Why did Haifa’s International Film Festival wish to honor filmmaker Mira Nair for her film “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”? The film is just another exceptionally well done piece of anti-American propaganda which justifies Islamic/Islamist terrorism by showing us that America harasses Muslims constantly,

MB leader: Mursi’s ouster worse than destroying Islam’s holiest shrine

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  The overthrow of former President Mohammad Mursi by the Egyptian army is worse than destroying Islam’s holiest shrine, the Kaaba, Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Leader Mohammad Badie said Thursday. “I swear by God that what [Gen. Abdel-Fattah] al-Sissi did in Egypt is more criminal than if he had carried an ax and demolished the holy