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From Egypt petition drive, a new grassroots wave

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Teenager Gehad Mustafa wears an ultraconservative veil over her face and was raised in a family of staunch Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Yet for the past weeks, she has been walking though chaotic street markets and crowded subway stations, collecting signatures on a petition demanding Islamist President Mohammad Mursi step down.   The months-long petition campaign

Morsi’s speech to Egyptians from heart of an Islamist: All lies, insults and threats

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  Egypt’s President Morsi spoke to the Egyptian people for two hours and 40 minutes Wednesday evening (June 26) demonstrating his deep resolve to keep his power and position at all cost. Predictably, his speech held little wisdom in recognizing his differences or his willingness to work toward rectifying them through compromise. Instead, the ruler

Egypt at boiling point as rivals rally amid fears of bloodshed

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  Thousands of Egyptians gathered in Cairo on Friday in two opposing mass rallies, one calling for the ouster of Mohammed Mursi, and another showing support for the embattled Islamist president.   Opponents of Mursi poured into the iconic Tahrir Square, waving flags and chanting “leave.”   Hundreds had camped the previous night in the

One dead as pro-, anti-Mursi groups clash in Egypt, ministry says

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One person was killed and 30 injured late Thursday as supporters and critics of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi clashed in the north of the country, the health ministry reported.   The fighting took place in the northern Nile Delta province of Sharqiya, said the agency, cited by the official MENA news agency.   The clashes