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Netanyahu: We Anticipate a Deterioration

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Israel is gearing up for a deterioration in the regional situation, with a growing number of new threats facing the Jewish state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday, the AFP news agency reports.   Netanyahu made the comments as he watched an exercise simulating the response to a chemical attack on a residential neighborhood

Rebels to Hizbullah: Stop Attacking Us Or We’ll Hunt You to Hell

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An official with the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) warned the Hizbullah terror group on Tuesday to end its involvement in the Syrian conflict and stop backing government troops.   Brigadier General Salim Idris, the current chief of Staff of the Supreme Military Council of the FSA, told Al Arabiya, “If the attacks of Hizbullah

Hizbullah Gives Hamas ‘Eviction Papers’ from Lebanon

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The head of Hamas in Lebanon, Ali Barakha, was informed by Hizbullah that his people were no longer welcome in the country, and that Hamas members should evacuate the country immediately, Israel Radio reported Thursday. The message raised the possibility that the two Islamist groups could end up fighting each other in Lebanon, as each

French prosecutor: ‘Radical Muslim’ suspect admits to stabbing soldier

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A suspect arrested Wednesday has admitted to the weekend stabbing of a French soldier in Paris and was probably acting based on his “religious ideology,” Paris prosecutor Xavier Molins tells AFP news agency.   Molins said the man, named Alexandre and who turns 22 on Thursday, had converted to Islam and was known to police

‘Blood Libels and BDS’ Exposes ‘Persistent Double Standards’

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The Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor released today a report titled "Blood Libels and BDS" detailing the antisemitic rhetoric and activity of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which will be presented to the participants of the Global Forum in Jerusalem later this week.   "A network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) claiming to promote human rights and humanitarian agendas in

Aftermath of London Beheading

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Raw footage released on Friday shows the aftermath of this week’s brutal murder in London of 25-year-old Lee Rigby.   The video shows the two terrorists who carried out the murder charging at a police car that was called to the scene, before the officers shoot them and wound them. {youtube}aE4YV-RAk_A{/youtube} There was shock and

Michigan Man Arrested Over Swastika Surge

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A 58-year old man from Lansing, Michigan was arrested early Saturday in connection with several swastikas that have been found spray-painted on community grounds in recent weeks.   Undercover detectives reportedly caught a suspect using black paint spray to vandalize a sign at Old Town Temple, said Lansing police Capt. Daryl Green, according to Lansing

Chinese parents apologize after son vandalizes ancient Egyptian sculpture

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The parents of a Chinese teenager have apologized after their son vandalized an ancient Egyptian sculpture with graffiti.   “We want to apologize to the Egyptian people, and to people who have paid attention to this case across China,” his mother told local newspaper Modern Express on Saturday.   The 15-year-old tourist carved “Ding Jinhao

23 Year-Old Jew Assaulted in New York

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A 23-year-old Jewish man was assaulted by unknown assailants near Long Island on Sunday night, in an incident that was caught on video by the Shomrim volunteer Jewish civilian patrol. {youtube}IVgf1mOmqmM{/youtube} The man did not require hospitalization. In the video he can be seen walking on the street when the assailants attack him from behind,