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Boston Marathon investigators find woman’s DNA on bomb fragment

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Investigators have found traces of female DNA on a fragment from one of the bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon earlier this month, U.S. officials said late Monday.   While it is still unclear who the DNA matches to, the find indicates a female accomplice may have helped the two brothers suspected in the

Mass food poisoning at Egyptian university sparks student anger

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In the second mass food poisoning case to hit Egypt’s al-Azhar University this month, 131 students were poisoned on Monday night, according to the country’s ministry of health.   Egyptian students broke out in protest when the  cases were confirmed, blocking a road near the campus and clashing with police “who fired teargas in an

Leftist leader says Egypt should refuse $4.8bn IMF loan

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Egypt should refuse a $4.8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund rather than submit to terms that would further impoverish the poor and could spark a revolution of the hungry, leftist leader Hamdeen Sabahi said on Monday.   Sabahi, 58, who came third in a presidential election last year after the 2011 uprising that

World famous Giza pyramids get a spring clean

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A private company is cleaning up the Giza plateau in Egypt, removing garbage that has accumulated in the world famous archeological site.   The three pyramids of ancient Egyptian kings, Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, along with the Sphinx, are located on the site. Although there is an archaeological safe zone in place, dwindling numbers of

Clashes Erupt at Jordanian University, Killing 3

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Armed clashes between students killed three people and hurt 25 others at a university campus in the restive Jordanian city of Maan on Monday, the kingdom's interior minister said.   "Three people died and 25 were injured the fight at the King Hussein bin Talal University's campus in Maan," in southern Jordan, Hussein Majali told

Obama’s “Red Line” on Syria Bleeds into a “Calculus”

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Obama's newly discovered Syrian "calculus" is yet another linguistic retreat for Obama to allow the Iranian stooge-puppet Assad to genocidally mass-murder Sunni Muslims.   In 1693, Sir Isaac Newton discovered calculus. Or, was it Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who discovered calculus? Calculus is so original and complicated, mathematicians still argue over who invented it.   In

Steinitz: Nuclear Iran is Like 30 Nuclear North Koreas

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International Relations Minister Yuval Steinitz warned on Sunday that Iran having a nuclear weapon would be equal to “thirty nuclear North Koreas”.   “We have the right and the ability to defend ourselves,” he said in a speech at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York. “The cooperation with the United States is very important

UAE pardons more than 100 Egyptian prisoners

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The United Arab Emirates pardoned more than 100 Egyptian prisoners on Monday in a move hailed by the Egyptian ambassador to Abu Dhabi as a gesture that will improve relations between the two countries.   Ties between Egypt and the UAE soured after veteran Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak, a longtime Gulf ally, was toppled in