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Iraqi Influx Doubles Syrian Al Qaeda-Linked Rebel Faction

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Syria’s Al Nusra Front rebel faction, allied with Al Qaeda, has more than doubled and is continuing to grow with the influx of Syrian jihadists returning from abroad.   The group was the lead faction among those who recently invaded the buffer zone along the Syrian-Jordanian-Israeli border in the Golan Heights.   Listed in the

North Korea enters a ‘state of war’ with its neighboring South

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North Korea declared a “state of war” with its neighboring North on Saturday, and warned both Washington and Seoul to not stir the conflict further as it will result into a nuclear war.    The White House said it took the announcement “seriously” and labeled the threat as “nonconstructive”, while South Korea largely dismissed it

Prosecutor orders arrest of Bassem Youssef, the ‘Egyptian Jon Stewart’

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Egypt’s public prosecutor on Saturday ordered the arrest of popular satirist Bassem Youssef over alleged insults to Islam and to President Mohamed Mursi, state news agency MENA reported.   Judicial sources told AFP that several complaints had been filed against Youssef, whose razor-sharp humor -- delivered on his weekly television program Albernameg (The Show) --

Egypt to get help from U.S. and European wheat exporters

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Egypt will receive payment facilities from American and European suppliers of wheat, an Egyptian newspaper on Saturday quoted minister of supplies Bassem Ouda as saying, as the world’s biggest wheat importer struggles to pay for imports.   Two years of turmoil since the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak has badly hit an economy starved of

Turkey gold exports to Iran resume despite tough U.S. sanctions

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Turkey exported almost $120million worth of gold to Iran in February, data showed, suggesting the two countries’ trade of gold for natural gas has resumed despite tighter U.S. sanctions, though at levels below last year’s peaks.   U.S. officials have sought to prevent Turkish gold exports from providing a financial lifeline to Tehran, which has

Iraq rejects Egypt’s sought request of $4 billion, talks ongoing

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An Iraqi official says Baghdad has rejected a request from Egypt for a $4 billion bond to be deposited in Egypt’s central bank to bolster its faltering economy.   The official said on Friday that it’s "too risky" to deposit such a large sum in Egypt but that talks are continuing for a smaller amount.

Bahrain Labels Hizbullah a Terrorist Entity

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While the European Union drags its feet on the issue, the Bahraini parliament voted Tuesday to label the Lebanon-based Hizbullah group a terrorist organization.   Hizbullah was accused by Bahrain of seeking to overthrow its government in 2011.  In a report submitted to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the ruling Khalifa family maintained Hizbullah trained

Bulgarian PM: More Evidence Hizbullah Behind Burgas Attack

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Bulgaria has more evidence that Hizbullah was behind the terror attack at Burgas last year, and it will soon present that evidence to the world, Bulgarian Prime Minister Marin Raikov said Wednesday. A report by Reuters quoted Raikov as saying that Bulgaria “will continue the investigation. We will continue to work on this very seriously,