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Syria Airstrike Targeted Chemical Weapons Center

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Conflicting reports continued on Wednesday night about an air strike in Syria, what exactly was targeted and who carried out the attack.   Syria’s official news agency SANA reported that Israel had staged an air raid on a military research center in Jamraya, near Damascus.   While the statement by the Syrian military claimed that

Egyptian Court Upholds Death Sentences for Coptic Christians in Absentia

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An Egyptian court has ruled that seven Coptic Christians who took part in the anti-Muslim YouTube video that was initially blamed for the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th be put to death. The ruling seems to be symbolic, as the low budget film's participants are abroad.   When it comes to women

“Exposé: How Much Does the War On Israel Cost Europe?

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Over the past year, the Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism monitored incidents worldwide. In 2012, 6 oof the 10 worst anti-Semithic attacks took place in Europe (the rest are shared among Iran, Yemen and United States).   Even more frightening are the new statystics about the popular feelings about the Jewish people in Europe.   

Hagel: Israel is Keeping ‘Palestinians Caged Up Like Animals’

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In recently revealed comments, President Barack Obama’s nominee for secretary of defense Chuck Hagel made staggering accusations against Israel, alleging that the Jewish state is keeping the “Palestinians caged up like animals.”   Hagel was quoted as making the comments on January 12, 2003 by The Lincoln Journal Star, The Washington Free Beacon revealed on

Mursi visits Germany, cancels France as Egypt crisis worsens

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President Mohamed Mursi is to leave Egypt’s political crisis behind on Wednesday with a short trip to Germany to seek urgently needed foreign investment and convince Europe of his democratic credentials.   But with the Egyptian army chief warning on Tuesday that the state was on the brink of collapse after days of lethal street

Mursi hopes for 5.5% growth in Egypt next year

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Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi said during a visit to Germany on Wednesday that he hoped for economic growth of 5.5 percent next year and of between 7 and 8 percent in subsequent years.   Mursi, whose one-day visit to Berlin is aimed partly at reassuring Western investors about economic prospects for his crisis-racked country, also

Radical Egyptian cleric: Mursi should kill ‘thugs’ or we will

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A controversial Egyptian preacher and Islamist writer urged Wednesday President Mohammed Mursi to kill “thugs” and “criminals” who are burning the country otherwise people will do it by themselves.    “I am saying this publically and I am inciting the killing of criminals; I say criminals; thugs, thieves, those who are burning the country and

Beirut Car Explosion May Have Targeted Hizbullah Member

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A bomb exploded under a car in the south Beirut suburb of Hay al-Selloum late Monday night, the Now Lebanon website reported.   There were no casualties and gunfire was heard in the area after the explosion, the report said.   LBC television reported that the explosion targeted a Honda belonging to a man identified