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Bahraini MP burns Israeli flag in parliament, escapes punitive action

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A Bahraini lawmaker, who set the Israeli flag alight in parliament last week in protest against the recent Israeli war on Gaza, has narrowly escaped punitive action by other MPs, a newspaper reported.    Bahraini MP, Osama Al-Tamimi, smuggled in fuel in parliament to torch the Israeli flag without any warning, the UAE-based Gulf News

Police fire tear gas at protesters as clashes break out in Tahrir

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Clashes broke out in Tahrir Square between protesters and Egyptian security forces early on Wednesday morning, as police fired tear gas.    Live images of the Square showed protesters forming small groups and scuffles starting up.    There was no obvious other move by the police to clear the camp, however.   The demonstrators had

Egypt town in mourning illustrates national rift

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Islam Massoud’s funeral laid bear the political feud in Egypt that caused his death.   It was mostly Muslim Brotherhood supporters who turned out to pay their respects to the teenager, killed in the Nile Delta town of Damanhour when he went out to support President Mohammed Mursi and the Islamist group that stands behind

Malaysian Islamic Party urges Elton John show ban

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An Islamic political party on Tuesday urged the government of predominantly Muslim Malaysia to ban a concert by Elton John, saying the openly gay British pop icon promotes “immoral” values.   John, who is popular in Malaysia, is scheduled to perform on Thursday at a resort outside the capital Kuala Lumpur.   “This concert must

King of Saudi Arabia ‘Clinically Dead’

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The king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, is clinically dead, reports the daily Al-Sharq il-Awsat.   His reported brain death occurred following complicated back surgery that took place in Riyadh on November 17 at the National Guard's King Abdulaziz Medical City, according to the report, and the king's aides claimed he is in

Hamas Cease-Fire Video: Death to Israel

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Hamas has removed any doubts of its cease-fire intentions with a post-truce music video urging “Death to Israel” with “blood and fire."   The video, translated and reported by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), was aired on Al Aqsa TV the day after the cease-fire was announced, marking the end of Operation of Pillar of Defense.

Bedouin Helped Hamas Pinpoint Negev Targets

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Elements within the defense establishment suspect that Bedouin from the Negev relayed information to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense, according to Maariv.   It is believed that the Bedouin roamed about in forbidden military zones and gave the terrorists information about the exact location where their missiles and mortars

A Crowd of 300 Egyptian Men Sexually Assault Three Women

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A crowd of 300 young people on Sunday sexually assaulted three women near Tahrir Square, according to a report on the website of Egypt’s flagship paper Al-Ahram.   After the assault, which took place near the Qasr al-Dobara Church that is used as a field hospital in the current protests, the women ran to the

The Right To Oppose Sharia: The Case of Stephen Lennon

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            The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) is a human rights organisation that aims to uphold democracy, freedom and individual liberties. In its Mission Statement ICLA commits itself to campaign for the right to oppose sharia. There are many people who would argue that such a right is automatic in

Egypt Pitches US ‘Strike 2’ on Arab Democracy

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The U.S. State Dept is dancing on pins and needles in an attempt to avoid saying that “democracy” has failed in Egypt following Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s latest power grab, which bars the judiciary from challenging his decisions.   Morsi’s Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood party, outlawed in the days of Hosni Mubarak, was elected in