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Morsi Condemns Israel Over Sudan Attack

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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi spoke on Thursday with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and condemned Tuesday's airstrike on a weapons factory in Khartoum.   During the conversation, Morsi told Bashir he condemned what he termed the "Israeli aggression against Sudan."   Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal also telephoned Bashir to condemn the "barbarian attack” by Israel.

Islam will be instated, the Shari’a will be implemented, whether you or whoever is behind you likes it

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And he ridicules Christianity. If he were a Christian cleric similarly ridiculing Islam, there would be an international uproar, calls for his murder, and discussion at high levels of restrictions on the freedom of speech. "Egyptian Cleric ‘Alaa Said Ridicules Christianity and Vows to Instate Islamic Law in Egypt," from MEMRI, October 15 (thanks to

Suicide bomber kills at least 41 in Afghan mosque on first day of Eid

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As Muslims around the world marked the first day of Eid al-Adha, a suicide bomber killed at least 41 people and wounded 34 when he struck inside a mosque in Maymana city in northern Afghanistan during Eid prayers on Friday, officials said.   The attacker was wearing a police uniform when he blew himself up

Egypt’s Sinai has become lawless territory, Israeli official says

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Israel’s vice premier voiced rare public criticism of Egypt on Thursday, saying it isn’t doing enough to curb Islamist militants operating in Egypt’s Sinai desert.   The timing of Moshe Yaalon’s comments also appeared unusual, given that Egypt spent the previous day brokering an end to the latest round of fighting between Israel and Palestinian

Iran in Final Stages of Placing Centrifuges in Fordow

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Western diplomats said on Thursday that it appears as though Tehran is in its final stages of placing centrifuges in the underground uranium enrichment facility at Fordow.   The diplomats, who spoke to the Reuters news agency, noted that for some unknown reason the new centrifuges have not yet been activated.   The sources said

Israeli Drone Destroyed Weapons in Sudan Last Month

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Israel carried out an unmanned drone raid on a convoy south of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, last month, foreign intelligence sources told the Reuters news agency on Thursday.   The sources claimed the strike destroyed 200 tons of munitions, including rockets, that were intended for Gaza.   The report comes one day after a huge

Living in fear: Coptic Christians in Egypt

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After a long history of persecution as a minority in Egypt, in these days the nonetheless resilient Copts face a dire moment. The ominously Sharia-leaning Muslim Brotherhood government of Egypt, headed by President Mohammed Morsi, has taken over the country from the oppressive - but slightly more tolerant - Mubarak regime. Adding to this crisis

Priest who negotiated Syria hostage releases slain

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A Greek Orthodox priest who tried to negotiate the liberation of a Christian doctor in Damascus province was found dead on Thursday, residents and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.   “The corpse of Fady al-Haddad, kidnapped last Friday (Oct. 19), was found this morning in Damascus province,” said the Britain-based Observatory.   Father