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Finalists emerge in race for Egypt’s Coptic leadership

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Three finalists in race for Egypt’s Coptic Christian leadership have emerged after 90 percent of the 2,406 electors selected among archbishops and bishops casted their votes early on Monday.    The finalists were Bishop Rafael, 54, Father Rafael Ava Mina, 70, and Father Pachomious al-Suriani, 49, according to Ahram Online.   After officially revealed later

Iran Boasts: Drone Transmitted Live Data

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Iran is in possession of data transmitted by an unmanned Hizbullah drone that overflew "restricted" sites and bases in Israel this month, an Iranian defense official said.   The drone "transmitted live data, photographing sensitive Israeli bases," the chair of the Iranian parliament's defense commission, Esmaeel Kosari, told Iran's Arabic-language Al-Alam television.   "The photos

Iranian Navy Sends 2 Ships to Sudanese Port

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Iran has sent two navy vessels to a Sudanese port five days after a weapons factory was destroyed in Khartoum. Sundanese officials continue to blame Israel for the overnight air strike by four military planes last Wednesday that demolished the Yarmouk arms factory.    The 'Shahid Naqdi' and a freighter set sail last month from

Al-Qaeda Forms All-Female Brigade to Attack West

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Al-Qaeda has formed an all-female 'Burkha Brigade' to infiltrate and hit Western military bases and targets, as they are less likely than men to attract suspicion.   A film posted online shows the all-female unit of al-Qaeda using an alarming array of weapons, including machine-guns, grenade rocket launchers and sniper rifles during their training session

Tunisian Leader Planning Slow Islamist Takeover

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There is uproar in Tunisia over an 8-minute video that shows a leading politician advising young Salafist leaders on how they can take control of the state, gradually.   The politician, Rashid al-Ghannushi, heads the country's largest party, Ennahda, and is considered to be a voice of Islamic moderation. The video belies this reputation and

Iran Has More Advanced UAVs, Claims its Defense Minister

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Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said on Sunday that the drone that recently penetrated into the Israeli airspace was not Iran’s most advanced unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).   “The Islamic Republic of Iran currently has unmanned aerial vehicles with a technology by far more advanced than [that of] the drone recently flown by

Home of Mohammed’s Wife Turned into a Public Toilet

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Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed in Medina as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billion-dollar expansion of Islam’s second holiest site, according to the British Independent. The house of Mohammed's first wife, Khadijah, has already been replaced with a public toilet block, it reports.   The disregard for Islam’s early

Satellite images show Sudan weapons factory bombed from the air

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Satellite imagery of a Sudanese weapons factory that the government in  Khartoum accused Israel of bombing earlier last week shows large craters consistent with air bombardment.    The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP), whose founders include Hollywood star George Clooney and the Enough Project, released the images on Saturday to the Associated Press showing 6-meter (52-foot)

Drone strikes kill three Qaeda suspects in north Yemen

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Suspected U.S. drone strikes killed three Al-Qaeda militants on Sunday in the northern Yemeni province of Saada, tribal sources told AFP.   “Three Al-Qaeda suspects were killed in three separate drone strikes in Saada,” a tribal source said, adding the raids targeted Wadi al-Abu Jabara, an Al-Qaeda bastion some 250 kilometers (155 miles) north of