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Several killed in Afghan security force ‘insider’ attack

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A member of NATO’s Afghan force and a civilian contractor have been killed in the latest so-called insider attack by a member of the Afghan security forces, the NATO force said on Sunday, according to Reuters.    The attack in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday also resulted in an unannounced number if Afghan army casualties, the

Morsi in Turkey, Calls for Support for Syria and ‘Palestine’

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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Sunday discussed several pressing regional issues in an address delivered at an annual conference of Turkey's ruling Justice and Development Party.   "Our history, hopes and goals bind us together to achieve the freedom and justice that all nations are struggling for," Morsi said during a short visit to Ankara,

Azerbaijan Considering Helping Israel in Iran

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Azerbaijan has looked into the possibility of assisting Israel with a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, a report Sunday by Reuters reveals.   The report, published by correspondent Thomas Grove, is based on "local officials with extensive knowledge of Azerbaijan’s military policy." According to these sources, Azeri authorities have, along with Israel, looked into how

US Warns Female Missionaries against Egyptian Terrorists

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The United States has warned American female missionaries that they are targets of terrorists in Egypt, where Christians are on the run from Islamists.   “The Embassy has credible information suggesting terrorist interest in targeting U.S. female missionaries in Egypt,” a State Department travel warning stated.   It added, “U.S. citizens should exercise vigilance, taking

House lawmaker blocks $450M in US aid for Egypt

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The Obama administration's plan to transfer $450 million in cash to Egypt hit a roadblock Friday as a top House committee chairwoman blocked the move, saying it warrants further review.   Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas, said the State Department had notified Congress of plans to move the money to the new government of President Mohammed

Copts reportedly fleeing Rafah after death threats

By | 2012-09-29T22:06:30-04:00 September 29th, 2012|News|

Following death threats from what are alleged to be militant groups, Christian families have been fleeing the border town of Rafah in North Sinai, according to news reports and accounts from activists on Thursday.   "On Wednesday evening I received 100 percent authentic information that Christians left Rafah in Sinai because of death threats from

Egypt opens closed-door training camp in Alexandria for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood

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The following article appeared in the Al Wafd newspaper in Egypt on Thursday. September 27, 2012: Closed-door training camp for Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood    Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leaders initiated a closed-door training camp in Alexandria, Egypt. The training will take place in Abu Keer, east of Alexandria; the workshop is entitled Senaah El Regal

Leading News Agencies Comparing Netanyahu to Hitler?

By | 2012-09-28T23:06:23-04:00 September 28th, 2012|News|

A disturbing thing happened in the course of Binyamin Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations General Assembly Thursday. The world's two largest news agencies, Associated Press and Reuters, both selected photos of the same infinitesimal moment in Netanyahu's speech to send to their subscribers worldwide.   That moment was one in which Netanyahu raised his

Iranian Satellite Blew Up after Liftoff

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An Iranian attempt to launch a satellite into space failed when the missile carrying the satellite exploded shortly after liftoff, completely destroying the satellite.   HIS Janes reported that the accident took place in May, and that Iran's space agency has made great efforts to hide it from the public's knowledge.   The failure is