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Muslim cleric receives sentence for assaulting daughter in Britain

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Muslim Cleric Abid Hussain, 56, who runs a mosque at Longsight in Manchester, assaulted his 16-year-old daughter Rabiyah Abid after she refused to follow the tradition of arranged marriage orchestrated by her father, according to a report in a newspaper on Saturday.    Rabiya was to be wed to the son of Hussain’s sister in

Identity of Bulgaria Terrorist Remains a Mystery

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The identity of the terrorist who blew himself up near a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last week, killing five Israelis, remains a mystery as a Bulgarian news website published photos of his body on Friday.   The website, Bivol, reported that the terrorist was unaware that he was going to explode and that

Sinai Jihadi group says responsible for Israel attack in June

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An Islamic Jihadi group based in Egypt’s Sinai has posted a video showing it carried out a cross-border attack in June, killing one Israeli at a border barrier construction site and raising doubts over Egypt’s security control over the desert peninsula.   Since the overthrow of U.S.-aligned Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, the

Obama signs security bill to show support for Israel ahead of Romney visit

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President Barack Obama signed a bill on Friday to strengthen U.S.-Israeli military ties as he sought to reassure American Jewish voters of his commitment to the two countries’ close alliance on the eve of a visit to Israel by his Republican rival, Mitt Romney.   Obama used a White House ceremony to announce the United

Pot of crusader gold found where Richard I defeated Salahaddin

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Mati Johananoff, A student from Tel Aviv University’s Department of Archaeology, made an extraordinary find on June 21 beneath a tile floor amongst the ruins of the Castle of Apollonia.    A 108 gold dinars and quarter dinars were found buried amidst a heavy quantity of sand in a ceramic jug.    “All in all,

Terrorists Fire 2 Rockets at Southern Israel

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Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired two rockets at southern Israel on Friday night, shattering the calm of the Sabbath.   Both rockets exploded in agricultural areas in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no physical injuries or property damage.   On Wednesday, a rocket was fired into Israel from Gaza, striking an open area in

Barak Warns Israel Ready to Go It Alone on Iran

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Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Wednesday that Jerusalem is "committed to doing everything it can in order to stop Iran from going nuclear."   I am "fully aware of the difficulties and complexities involved in preventing Iran from attaining nuclear weapons," Barak told graduates of the IDF National Security College.   Israel is facing "difficult

Arab League: Don’t Touch Muslim Temple Mount

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The Arab League has released a statement warning Israel to stay away from the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The mosque is located on the Temple Mount, which Judaism teaches is the holiest site in the world.   Surprisingly, the Arab League statement termed the mosque “the holiest of the Arab and Islamic holy sites.” Normally, Mecca is