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Go To Dearborn, Michigan and you would think you were in Beirut or Damascus”

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During an interview with a radio program in Bakersfield, CA, Retired General Jerry Boykin warned that “every serious Muslim is determined to enshrine Sharia wherever they live,” and that Dearborn, Michigan is “almost 100% Muslim and operating under Sharia law now.”       {youtube} gaK26mBZQO8&feature=player_embedded{/youtube}

Terrorists Fire Four Grad Missiles at Netivot

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Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired a barrage of four Grad missiles at the town of Netivot on Tuesday evening.   The Iron Dome system intercepted two of the missiles, and the other two exploded in open areas. There were no physical injuries and no reports of property damage.   Despite an Egyptian-brokered “ceasefire” announced by

Please God, make it stop!’

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A British journalist was brutally sexually assaulted in Cairo's Tahrir Square as thousands of Egyptians gathered to celebrate the nation's presidential election results.   Natasha Smith, 21, has detailed how she was violently attacked by a 'group of animals' who stripped her naked, scratched and clenched her breasts and 'forced their fingers inside her'. She

Key Muslim group in Germany slams circumcision ruling

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A key German Muslim association on Wednesday sharply criticised a court ruling that said circumcising boys on religious grounds amounted to grievous bodily harm. "The Cologne ruling is a serious attack on religious freedom," the Council of the Coordination of Muslims in Germany said in a statement on Tuesday's judgment. "The ruling does not take

US Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare

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The US Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the individual insurance requirement at the heart of President Barack Obama's attempt to overhaul America's healthcare system.   The decision means the massive healthcare intiative, popularly called ObamaCare, which is still only partly in effect, will proceed and pick up momentum over the next several years.   The

Saudi Bomb Plot Terrorist Convicted in Texas

By | 2012-06-28T22:56:10-04:00 June 28th, 2012|News|

A Texas court has convicted a Saudi Arabian national of plotting to build and use a bomb in an attack against America's south.   The 22-year-old terrorist, Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari entered the United States in October 2008 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia legally on a student visa to study chemical engineering at Texas Tech University in

‘Terrorist explosions’ in central Damascus, reports Syrian state TV

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Two bombs exploded outside the Palace of Justice in central Damascus on Thursday, wounding three people, according to Al Arabiya reports and Syrian state television.   “Two bombs exploded in the car park of the Palace of Justice in the al-Marjeh district of Damascus. A third did not explode,” the television said, describing the bombings

After Three Decades, IDF Prepares for a Hostile Southern Border

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The IDF is preparing for a “new era” on Israel's southern border, which actually is a rewind of history back to the days before the Camp David Accords. With the rise of what appears to be a hostile regime in Egypt, the IDF will be beefing up forces all along the Sinai border, and is