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Turkey Marks Flotilla Date, as Another is Planned

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A major rally will be held in Istanbul Thursday, marking the second anniversary of the sailing of the 2010 flotilla to Gaza – as radical lefists in Europe and Israel plan yet another flotilla. Tens of thousands are expected to commemorate the death of nine radicals on the Mavi Marmara, who were killed after they

Egyptian emergency law expires today, Muslim Brotherhood pledges its cancelation

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Today Egypt’s controversial three-decade-long emergency law expires amid speculations on the possibility of another extension and concerns about the stance of the Islamist-dominated parliament.    According to observers, the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party will be subject to harsh criticism in case the parliament proposes an extension to the

Jihad and Sharia – What’s the Connection? Women

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A new dark age is descending across much of the Middle East as the forces of Sharia Islam, enabled by official U.S. government policy, again demand strict enforcement of Islamic law. Parliamentary elections in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia already have brought the sharia-adherent Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) to positions of unprecedented power in each legislature; elections

Golden Dawn Chants to Expel Foreigners Prior to New Elections

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Approximately 2,000 supporters of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party held torches and chanted “Foreigners out of Greece!” as they marched through central Athens ahead of the country’s new elections, the Associated Press (AP) reported.   The heavily policed rally on Tuesday ended peacefully.   The extreme-right political party, whose logo closely resembles a swastika. received

Iran Claims to Have Defeated the Flame Virus

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Iran’s key oil industry was briefly affected by the powerful computer virus known as Flame, that has unprecedented data-snatching capabilities and can eavesdrop on computer users, a senior Iranian military official said Wednesday, according to The Associated Press.   The comment is the first direct link between the emergence of the new malware and an

IDF Commander Warns Against Possible Conflict with Syria

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The IDF’s Northern District Commander Yair Golan said on Wednesday that Israel is in a constant battle with Iran in various channels, Channel 2 News reported.   In a speech he gave at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University, Golan said, “Iran is here. We are conducting an indirect war against it

Foreign Intervention in Syria Will Bury Israel

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Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani warned on Wednesday against the devastating consequences of a Libyan-style intervention in Syria.   According to a report in the Iranian-based Fars news agency, Larijani said that a policy of intervention in Syria would spread to “the occupied Palestinian territories” and would harm Israel.   Noting the recent remarks by

Mubarak’s Sons Charged with Insider Trading

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Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's two sons, already in jail for more than a year and on trial, were charged with insider trading Wednesday, The Associated Press reported.   According to a statement by the prosecutor-general's office, the two, along with seven others, made millions of pounds in illicit gains from the sale of a