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New Tahrir chants must have made some knees shake

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MUSTAPHA AJBAILI - Al Arabiya I don’t know if Egypt has ever seen as many beards with no mustaches concentrated in one area as it did last Friday when tens of thousands of ultraconservative Muslims thronged Cairo’s Tahrir Square in a massive show of force to demand the implementation of the Islamic Sharia law and

Mubarak to be placed in a metal cage during trial

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ASSOCIATED PRESS Hosni Mubarak’s trial will be set in a huge Cairo convention center with hundreds of seats for an audience, heavy security and a metal defendants’ cage large enough to hold the man who ruled Egypt unchallenged for three decades, his two sons and seven associates, judicial officials have said. Health Minister Amr Helmy

Armed groups threaten Somalia & Eritrea

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ASSOCIATED PRESS A United Nations panel says Somalia and Eritrea are being used by foreign armed groups that represent "a grave and increasingly urgent threat to peace and security" in the Horn of Africa and East Africa. The 471-page report by experts monitoring UN sanctions against the two countries said Somalia’s dominant militant group Al

Arab Arson Nearly Hits Jewish Community

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Elad Benari, Canada - Israel National News Just before the start of Shabbat, Arabs started a fire which came dangerously close to the homes of the community of Givat Ronen. Arabs from Burin, encouraged and supported by extreme left-wing activists, started a huge fire near Burin on Friday. The Shomron Regional Council reported that the

Libyan Rebel Commander Assassinated

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    Gavriel Queenann - Israel Nationa News The commander of Libya's rebel commander, Abdul-Fattah Younis, was assassinated shortly before questioning. The head of Libya's rebel forces was shot and killed Thursday just before being brought for questioning by rebel authorities, the head if the rebel political leadership said in a tersely worded statement, the

40 American Muslims recruited by Somali militants with ties to Al Qaeda

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ANGELA SIMAAN - Al Arabiya A Somali group with ties to Al Qaeda has recruited and radicalized more than 40 American Muslims to join their cause in war-ravaged Somalia, according to a report by a US Congressional committee. During his third controversial hearing on Muslim radicalization in the US on Wednesday, chairman of the House

U.S.: Soldier Arrested in Terror Plot

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A Muslim soldier who went AWOL has admitted to planning a terrorist attack on Fort Hood. The soldier had weapons, disguise ready. A United States soldier has admitted to plotting a terrorist attack targeting military personnel. The soldier, Private First Class Nasser Jason Abdo, planned to attack Fort Hood, which was previously the site of

protesters and military loyalists clash in Cairo

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MUSTAPHA AJBAILI - Al Arabiya - Agencies More than 200 people were wounded in Egypt’s capital Cairo on Saturday during clashes between pro-democracy protesters angry at the ruling military council’s handling of the transition period and army loyalists. About 1,000 protesters marched from Tahrir Square in central Cairo toward the defense ministry, the headquarters of