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Arab Regimes Fear Ramadan will Be Month of Violence

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Gil Ronen - Israel National News Authorities in Syria fear the nightly prayers during Ramadan will transform every day into Friday. Arab governments in the Middle East are preparing for increased tensions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan which may reignite the smoldering flames of uprisings that swept the region this year.

Iran acid attacker will not be blinded as victim offers dramatic pardon

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AFP An Iranian man convicted of throwing acid in the face of a female student who was to have been blinded himself on Sunday in retribution was pardoned by his victim, the state-run television Website said. "With the request of Ameneh Bahrami, the acid attack victim, Majid (Movahedi) who was sentenced for ‘qesas’ (‘eye for

Syria High Ranking Officers Desert – Join Rebels

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Israel National News A Major-General deserts, goes public calling for the formation of a Free Syrian Army. A Syrian Major-General has deserted Assad's army along with a group of other officers and joined the rebels. In an Arabic video clip posted on Youtube on July 29, 2011, the officer, Major-General Riad El As'ad

Groups protest Muslim prayers at Toronto public school

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Michael Talbot, CityNews Several faith-based groups protested outside the Toronto District School Board's headquarters Monday over Muslim prayers taking place in a Toronto school. For three years, hundreds of students have been praying in the cafeteria at Valley Park Middle School during their lunch hour. The school doesn’t run or pay for the service. TDSB

Copts are not Arabs

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  Thanks to David Nageh Copts are not Arabs   In the time that Jesus was born, Egyptian as well as whole world (Jewish excluded) were pagan. The country was occupied by Romans. In year 60 AD....   Apostil San Mark reaches Alexandria breeching the Holly Bible. In about 200 years, Egypt becomes a Christian

Secularist military vs. government rooted in Islamist sensibility

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SARA GHASEMILEE - Al Arabiya - Agencies Turkey faced turmoil within its military on Saturday after the country’s four most senior commanders quit in protest over the detention of 250 officers on charges of conspiring against Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government. The military police chief of the country was named acting chief-of-staff and the commander

20 protesters killed across Syria

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REUTERS Syrian forces shot dead at least 20 civilians in attacks on pro-democracy demonstrations across the country on Friday, the Syrian human rights organization Sawasiah said. Syrians in their thousands took to the streets nationwide for the 17th consecutive Friday to demand an end to President Bashar Al Assad’s 11-year rule, activists said by telephone,