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Terror Victim's Son's Message to Youth

By | 2009-12-29T07:21:00-04:00 December 29th, 2009|News|

As the family of terrorism victim Rabbi Meir Chai continues to “sit shiva” – during which they remain at home for seven days while friends and family visit and try to console them or listen to their pain – a recording of the funeral tribute delivered by his 16-year-old son Eliyahu has been publicized.

French Mosque’s Symbolism Varies With Beholder

By | 2009-12-28T17:16:00-04:00 December 28th, 2009|News|

MARSEILLE, France — The minaret of the new Grand Mosque of Marseille, whose cornerstone will be laid here in April, will be silent — no muezzin, live or recorded, will disturb the neighborhood with the call to prayer. Instead, the minaret will flash a beam of light for a couple of minutes, five times a day.