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New Hope for Reform in Saudi Arabia?

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Saudi Arabia has just had its own St. Valentine’s Day Massacre -- a bloodless one that brings hope of much-needed reform. On February 14, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah carried out a sweeping shake up of his cabinet and government. He replaced several of the government’s top Wahhabi ideologues with others thought to be more religiously tolerant, reform-minded, and with close working ties to the king.

Paving the Way for Mubarak's Visit to the United States in April

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We know that Mubarak is preparing to visit the United States in April to meet with its new President Obama. This visit is very important to the ageing Mubarak, who is desperate to keep up his image as self-acclaimed regional stabilizer, leader of the Arab world and main player in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. A role which also secures him nearly 2 billion dollars of in US aid plus handouts yearly.

Funds lost over hatred

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Minister called 'professional whore' Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is poised to slash federal funding to Canada's largest Arabic group after its president called him a "professional whore" for supporting Israel.

Deir al-Maymoun

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The first Christian monastery Sanaaâ Farouk The oldest of the most ancient monastic establishments in the history of monasticism, not only in Egypt but all over the Christian world, is Deir al-Maymoun. It is the first spot in which St Antony lived in seclusion for several years.