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Broken Justice For Innocent Coptic Brothers Second Time Detention In Spite of Courts' Rulings!!!!

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In another episode of broken justice for the two Copts who are being used as scapegoats to force an unfair reconciliation settlement on the Coptic Church in connection with Arab attacks on 'Abu Fana' Monastery last May, Minya State Security arrested for the second time, Refaat Fawzi and his brother Ibrahim in spite of courts rulings to release them. They have been sent once again on 22nd February 2009 to the detention camp in the New Valley, on the borders of Sudan.

Father Youta ….. Evil won!!!!!!

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Dear father Youta;  For a long time I followed your writing with great interest. You are a candle lighting the darkness of our society. This morning I was shocked when I read about your decision of stop writing. In spite of my respect for your decision and understanding to your frustration, I decided to write these few sentences hoping that you may rethink your decision.

Pope Shenouda Appeals to Mrs. Mubarak to intervene on behalf of ' Reverts to Christianity'

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Coptic lawyer Ramsis El Naggar, the Coptic Church's lawyer, delivered a letter on 20th February from H.H. Shenouda III, Pope of Alexandria, to Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, the Egyptian President's wife, and President of the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood. He asked her to intervene with the Civil Records Bureau to try and resolve the crisis in the field of religious affiliation in the state identification documents of over 2000 Christians to reflect their “re-conversion” to Christianity status.

MIDEAST: Human Rights Defenders Under Siege

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The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama must take a leadership position in championing human rights in the Middle East and North Africa by using U.S. economic and trade leverage and confronting the growing global threat of authoritarianism being promoted by Arab regimes, advocates say.