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Your Help Is Needed:
Voice of the Copts is a non-profit organization engaging in human rights. All of our work is carried out by volunteers. We are constantly looking for more volunteers to ensure a steady flow of information. Our volunteers are helping us in reporting accurate, honest, and balanced news from all over the world concerning the discrimination and oppression of minorities. Furthermore, our volunteers help in reviewing editing, and translating articles accurately; provide our database with new media and political contacts that may be useful to our objectives.

How You May Help:
If you are living in Egypt, Sudan, or any other Arab-speaking country; if you live in Europe, Asia, Africa, America or Australia and would like to help against discrimination and oppression in your country or elsewhere, please join us. We have a lot to do together.
Your home or Internet café could be your and our virtual office. By using modern technology, we can help those who are suffering.

We are looking for editors from the whole world. Presently we are starting with: Italian, English, and Arabic editors and translators. We are also Looking for Data Librarians and IT Support Staff.
In order to reveal the fundamentals of discrimination to the Western World, we are building and developing an archive of relevant materials.

The information we collect is for the purpose of allowing our western friends to better understand the dilemma of the Copts and other religious minorities. The information for that archive is gathered from the whole of the Egyptian and Arab press, in its original language and then translated into the western ones.

We encourage applications from individuals and organizations that are interested in internships and sponsoring internships.
We also continue to rely on funding from a number of donor organizations and individuals who share our vision and support our work.

Benefits for Students:
– Work with a young, dynamic team from different cultures and nationalities.
– Gain knowledge of Egyptian and Arab personalities and become involved in Arab-West dialogue.
– Explore the fascinating historical and cultural treasures of ancient Egypt and the Copts.
– Academic guidance from our editors and day-to-day guidance from our Interns coordinator.

The Opportunities:
– Internship agreements are usually between 6 to 18 months.
– Tasks could include one or more of the following activities, which would be agreed upon between the interns, their sponsor organization and the editor in chief of Voice of the Copts’ electronic news.
– Researching influential personalities and writing biographies for Voice of the Copts’ library (which could include interviews, on-line and library research, etc.)
– Researching and writing profiles of organizations, events and oppressions which took place.
– Researching and writing commissioned reports in areas of interest.
– Coordinating with international partner organizations.
– Helping to write projects and funding proposals.
– Writing for newsletters and promotional materials.

Intern Profile:
Internships are open to Arabic, Middle East and western students, with interest in political science, sociology, cultural anthropology and intercultural dialogue with a focus on the Muslim and Arab-speaking countries. In addition, it is open to students of journalism, information technology (databases, librarians), marketing, etc.

Preferred skills and experience:
– General knowledge and interest in human rights.
– Excellent standard in the Italian, English and Arabic languages.
– Advanced computer and Internet research skills.