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New and Improved: Katyusha Rocket Threat Graphic

Improved Langfan postcard - Mark LangfanImproved Langfan postcard - Mark LangfanMark Langfan’s Katyusha Rocket Range All over Israel article is one of Arutz Sheva's most popular articles ever, with a over 5,400 Facebook “recommends.”  
Additionally, Arutz Sheva has consistently featured Langfan's graphic in numerous news articles.   
Recently, however, Rabbi Yehuda Bohrer of Beit El, who actively distributes and lectures with the cards which Langfan donates for free, concluded that the card would be more effective if it actually showed the great topographic military advantage of Judea and Samaria over the Tel Aviv-Netanya coastal plain which holds 70% of Israel’s population and 80% of its industrial base. 
Following Rabbi Bohrer's suggestion, Langfan revamped the card with an actual topographic visual overlay, creating this new version. He also added a vital graphic that explains how Israel derives over 50% of its fresh water from the westward flow of water off the Samarian Mountains, which now flows toward Tel Aviv and the coastal plain areas of Israel. 
mark langfanmark langfanLangfan, who gave a lecture to US congressional staffers on Thursday, cites CIA open sources that state that the Samarian “highlands are main recharge area for Israel’s coastal aquifers.”
“Without the West Bank," he explains, "Israel will lose close to 60% of its water and will be destroyed before Hamas even has a chance to fire a chemical-tipped Katyusha rocket into Tel Aviv.” 
“I always say, the CIA Factbook knows more about Israel’s water supply than almost all of Israel’s leftist politicians,” he quipped.
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