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Israel's Ambassador to Egypt Left Cairo

Cairo rioters burn Israeli flagCairo rioters burn Israeli flagIsraeli ambassador to Egypt, Yaakov Amitai, reportedly left Cairo on Wednesday night, the website of the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper reported.
Sources at the Cairo International Airport told the newspaper that Amitai left on a Jordanian Airlines flight.
Amitai, who has been Israeli ambassador to Egypt since December 2011, was summoned earlier by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, which sought to convey the Egyptian authorities' condemnation of the Israeli air raids on Gaza.
At the same time, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi recalled the Egyptian ambassador to Israel, Atef Mohamed Salem, in a move of protest against Israel.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry would not comment when asked by Channel 10 News about Amitai, but stressed that no request was received by the Egyptian authorities to clear the embassy in Cairo.
Israeli radio reported on Wednesday night that while Ambassador Amitai had indeed left Cairo, he had done so before Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza.
Meanwhile, reported Al-Ahram, hundreds of angry protesters marched on Wednesday evening from downtown Cairo towards the ministry of foreign affairs near Tahrir Square, to condemn Israel.
According to the report, the protesters chanted “Gaza Gaza, You’re the pride,” “Arab states are cowardly,” “Palestinian blood is our blood,” as they carried PLO flags.
Protesters demanded that Egypt cut diplomatic ties with Israel and close down the Israeli embassy in Cairo, said the report.

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